In our many years as a successful Atlanta windows and door replacement company, we have compiled a tremendous amount of information regarding the different aspects of this industry. Through the years we have been privileged to share what we know with hundreds of our customers as they seek assistance with choosing the ideal windows and doors for their homes and business.

If you want to know more about the different types of home windows that are available on the market today, read on. You may just come across the window that’s perfect for your home. If you do, call us. We’ll be glad to install the right windows for your Atlanta home.

Modern Style Windows

While this has a range of meaning in the window design industry, most modern type windows follow the clean, functional lines of contemporary design. Windows are large and generously proportioned to allow as much light to enter a room. Modern style windows are typically unadorned, that is, without grills, so a visitor’s attention is drawn to the interior details of the room rather than to the windows themselves.

Art Deco Design

This type of contemporary design shows a partiality for streamlined spaces and the use simple geometric shapes. Windows and doors installed in Art Deco style homes are almost always flush with the walls. This ensures that the smooth, flowing design is not interrupted by any protuberant design element.

Eclectic Home Design

By its definition, an eclectic style of interior design is difficult to pin down to a particular architectural influence or era. Eclectic design typically borrows and incorporates various elements from different architectural periods. At the same time, it takes advantage of modern materials and current design trends to come up with a unique look that has become increasingly popular in America today. In choosing various design elements, including windows and doors, to achieve an eclectic look, homeowners are guided more by their personal sense of style rather than a distinct design principle.

Prairie Style Windows

Characterized by open interior spaces designed to connect with the outdoors, prairie style architecture aims for a harmony between humans and their environment. Windows in this type of design tend to be plentiful and ‘bigger-than-life.’ They are meant to enhance the occupant’s experience not only of his or her interior space, but also encourage a communion with the outside world.

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