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Replacing the windows and doors in your home will enhance its beauty, value, and all while giving your budget a boost by helping to conserve costly energy. Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you understand our approach to replacement windows, along with other helpful information.

Do you sell all types of windows?

North Georgia Replacement Windows specializes in Infinity® from Marvin fiberglass windows. Why? Because after years of selling windows made from Wood, PVC, Vinyl, and Aluminum we saw fiberglass windows did not have the same problems and limitations as the other materials.

Where is North Georgia Replacement Windows located? Is there a showroom?

North Georgia Replacement Windows is located in Roswell, GA off of Mansell Rd. Our showroom has over 50 door samples and a variety of Infinity from Marvin window samples. Please contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable representatives at our showroom or in the comfort of your home.

How much do replacement windows cost?

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If I have storm windows on my single pane windows, do I still need to replace my windows?

Yes, about 75% of our customers have storm windows which may block out some of the wind drafts, but not enough to save on your energy bills. Storm windows are also difficult to clean and have spaces for spiders and insects to hide and live. With Infinity® from Marvin windows, you will no longer need storm windows.

Do your installation procedures involve removing or disturbing the interior trim inside my home?

No. Although we will be on the inside of your home, the majority of our installation occurs on the outside. Our installation procedures are non-invasive, and we do not remove or disturb the interior trim which eliminates the need for repainting and staining. If your interior trim does need to be replaced for any reason, we can help with that too.

What are the best replacement windows for my home?

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How do I replace my windows?

fiberglass exterior windows

How long does the installation take?

In the majority of homes, installation only takes one to two days to complete the project, depending upon how many you are replacing. Keep in mind, however, that the longest part of any window replacement project is going to be the lead time to custom manufacturer your new windows and doors.

Is there a minimum amount of windows required?

No. Unlike some companies, we will come out for one window or your entire home. You decide how many windows you would like to do at one time, and we will also lock you into your value pricing on all future purchases.

How do I get replacement windows installed?

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Where do I buy replacement windows from?

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Where can I go to find more objective information on energy efficient windows so I know I'm choosing the right product?


Are there tax benefits to doing a window replacement project?

Click on this link to stay updated on the latest energy tax credit developments: https://www.irs.gov/newsroom/energy-incentives-for-individuals-residential-property-updated-questions-and-answers

How do I clean my replacement windows?

fiberglass windows

What other services does your company offer besides replacement windows?

We offer a large selection of doors and exterior shutters/accessories. We also service new construction, light commercial, residential and multi-unit properties.

Do you sell vinyl windows?

We do not offer vinyl windows. We used to offer vinyl and all the other types of windows that are advertised. We know all the problems associated with these windows like expansion, contraction, seal failure, mold, and mildew issues. Infinity fiberglass windows do not rot, mildew, warp, have seal failure or any of the other issues associated with cheap windows.

Can I buy windows from North Georgia and install them myself?

Infinity from Marvin requires all authorized dealers to install Infinity windows to ensure the highest quality and offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty to back up this quality. North Georgia Replacement Windows is the largest OSI certified installer in Georgia. This means we use only the best sealants, spray foam, and flashing systems. Our guys go through rigorous training courses and use the very best processes and methods. At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we stand behind our work and offer a Lifetime Service Warranty.

Do you repair windows or doors?

No, we only service windows and doors that North Georgia Replacement Windows has installed.

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