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The Impact of Windows on Home Design

Explore the Visual Impact of Windows on Home Design

The windows in your home are more than just a functional feature. Windows can have a multifaceted impact on the home.

When your windows are old and outdated, an upgrade can help you increase the value of your home while reducing your energy consumption by keeping indoor temperatures consistent. New windows will also be easier to manage, so you can open and shut them to control fresh air flow.

Beyond property value and money savings, windows also play an important role in your home's aesthetics, which can go a long way toward increasing comfort and satisfaction.

At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we love helping homeowners create the home of their dreams. From improved functionality to stunning design aesthetics, our Infinity from Marvin windows can elevate your home from the inside out.

If you are considering a window replacement but still have questions, our helpful window design guide can offer you the answers.

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Guide Chapters

Enhancing Architectural Harmony with Windows

When choosing your window style, you can either select the design you like best or match the windows to the architectural style of your home to create a more harmonious aesthetic.

Before diving into which windows go with which home style, let's review the different window designs you can choose from:

  • Casement and Awning: Casement windows have a side hinge and open outwards with a crank. Awning windows have a top hinge and swing open from the bottom. Both are good options if you want maximum air flow and light.

  • Double-Hung: This design offers a classic window style with a top and bottom sash, so you can choose to slide the window down from the top or up from the bottom.

  • Picture and Polygon: A picture or polygon-style window is designed to fit the unique shapes of your home, offering a wider, picturesque view. These windows are fixed, meaning they do not operate. You can frame a picture window using various window styles, such as casement or double-hung windows.

  • Slider: Also called a sliding window, gliders are simple, contemporary windows with a sash that you can open and close by easily sliding it left or right.

  • Bay and Bow: Bay and bow windows are a classic option often seen in older home styles but can be installed in contemporary homes as well. A bay window is an arrangement of three windows that extend from the house at varying angles. A bow window is also made of multiple windows, but instead of extending at angles, bow windows provide a more gentle curved shape.

  • Round Top: A round top window is an arched, half-moon window that can be added to the top of other window styles, doors, or can be a stand-alone unit.

Any of these window styles can be added to your home, no matter the architectural style. Choosing the perfect window for your space is about creating an aesthetic that is pleasing to you.

That said, if you want to honor the architectural style of your Georgian home, here's how to choose the windows that will complement it best.

Colonial Revival

Colonial-style homes have influences from many different cultures, including the French, Dutch, Spanish, and New England. Double-hung and single-hung windows are most often found in this style of home.


American classic, craftsman-style homes swept across the country in the early twentieth century and have remained popular. These types of homes are often seen with a combination of window styles, including double-hung, casement, and awning units, often characterized by larger lite patterns.


Contemporary homes vary in style, but most often feature simpler, clean lines. As such, these homes tend to include simple window styles, such as awning windows, large picture windows, casements, and sliders.


Ranch and split-level style homes became popular post-World War II as suburban areas expanded to accommodate growing families. These style homes often feature larger window designs such as picture and bay windows as well as multiple double-hung windows placed side-by-side.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern homes are the perfect combination of modern and vintage design aesthetics. Like contemporary homes, mid-century modern homes feature more clean lines and showcase awning windows and gliders. However, casement windows and picture windows also suit the style of mid-century modern homes.

Let the Light Shine in With Style and Function

When it comes to windows, style and function go hand in hand. You should choose your windows not only because they look good, but because of the natural light they can bring into your home. Homes with more natural light tend to create a more positive environment that can increase your comfort levels.

Many homeowners harness natural light to enhance the design of their homes. The right window placement and lighting can highlight certain features and make the colors in your decor and furniture pop.

For example, a bay or picture window in the living room can be used to create a cozy reading nook, and the light that shines in can brighten the room and make the art on your walls or the colors in your furnishings stand out.

You can also brighten spaces in your home by choosing design elements that coordinate with the windows you've chosen to bring in more light. You can paint the walls a brighter color, add mirrors to your walls, and reupholster your furniture in lighter colors.

At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we chose Infinity from Marvin windows because they allow more light in with more narrow frames and bigger views without compromising durability. The bigger and bolder, the better, as it lets maximum natural light in.

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Windows as Catalysts for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Another important function of new windows is their ability to help you create a more sustainable home. The right window designs should be about balancing comfort, style, and energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient windows can enhance room comfort with special window coatings that reflect heat, so you stay cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. This means you get more ambient and natural light without the heat that transfers through older windows.

Energy-Efficient Windows and Environmental Impact

Energy-efficient windows can help protect the environment by minimizing heat transfer and reducing energy consumption. By allowing less heat into your home, you'll be able to maintain more consistent temperatures indoors, which means using your HVAC system less. As a result, you will consume less energy, produce fewer carbon emissions, and your energy bills will be lower.

Choosing the Right Energy-Efficient Windows

Not all replacement windows are alike. If you want to choose windows that are the most energy-efficient (**SEO Toolbox? Photo) , you'll want to look for certain materials and design features.

Our top criteria to look for include:

  • Fiberglass frames

  • Double-pane glass

  • A low U-factor for all climates

  • Low-E coatings

  • A Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) with a lower number to help block out solar heat

So, which replacement windows are most energy efficient? (SEO Toolbox? Update photo)To ensure you are getting the best, look for windows that are ENERGY STAR certified in your region.

At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we install Infinity from Marvin windows because they are submitted for testing and verification to achieve energy certification with ENERGY STAR and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

Exploring the Art of Window Customization

The fun part about having your windows replaced is that you can use the opportunity to incorporate unique designs and make a statement. Though certain contemporary windows might better complement the architectural style of your home, there are no rules that say you have to do things the traditional way.

Window customization can be a great way to reflect your style and get creative with your window choices. You can also choose windows to match the interior design of your home as opposed to matching the exterior. It's up to you.

Awning windows can be stacked on top of one another for a unique aesthetic. You can also put multiple casement windows side-by-side for a cheery look that lets in more light. Some homeowners even choose to create a wall of windows if they want to go big and bold.

Bay and bow windows can add dimensionality, and round-top windows can add a touch of drama. You can also use picture windows to draw visual interest and frame your picturesque surroundings like a living piece of art.

Infinity from Marvin window styles are highly customizable. With a wide range of styles and options, you can mix and match to your heart's content to create the perfect look to match your home and your personality.

The Role of Windows in Preserving Historical Architecture

If you have the privilege of living in a beautiful historic home, you might want to be mindful when dealing with your windows to ensure you are preserving the character of your home.

It's not uncommon for historical homeowners to want to preserve the original features of their homes by choosing to restore the existing windows as opposed to replacing them. In some cases, a window restoration may be possible if the issues with the original windows are minor.

Balancing Charm With Modern Functionality

It is possible to replace the windows of historic homes while still maintaining historical accuracy. Also, by choosing to replace the windows, you can find a happy medium between modern convenience and traditional style. Plus, one of the benefits of Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows is that they were designed to look like a traditional wood window, which lends itself well to preserving older aesthetics.

Upgrading your windows might also be necessary for efficiency and safety. Restoring old windows might make them look like new again, but it won't fix issues such as a lack of durability, difficulty opening, draftiness, and even rotting.

With new windows, you can match the original window features in terms of size, appearance, and operation while gaining contemporary features such as energy efficiency, double-pane glass, and fiberglass frames to improve performance and durability significantly.

Many homeowners enjoy balancing the old with the new when it comes to historic homes with modern features. Take the modern farmhouse trend, for example. Homeowners are purchasing traditional farmhouse-style homes and giving them a unique upgrade by painting them white and installing modern windows in bold colors like black or bronze.

How to Choose the Right Windows

When selecting the perfect window for your home, there are no rules on which design or style to choose. That said, there are some things to consider to ensure you are choosing the best replacement windows:

1. The Style of Your Home

Replacement windows can be a big investment, so before you pick just any style, it's worth considering if the windows will match the architectural style of your home. The right windows can enhance the style of your home and increase the curb appeal.

2. The Room the Windows Are Located In

It's also worth considering where your new windows will be placed. For example, while you might opt for gliders in a bedroom, you might want something like a big bay window if you are having your kitchen windows remodeled. Each home is different, so take some time to consider what window style would work best for the room you are upgrading.

3. Functionality

Of course, functionality is just as important as style. It doesn't matter if a window looks good if it doesn't function the way you need it to. For example, windows that offer better ventilation and are easy to open might be best if your home gets stuffy. It's also important to consider how much light your windows will let in if you are looking to brighten up your home.

4. Energy Efficiency

Having a home that helps you cut back on your carbon emissions should be a top priority, and one of the best ways to do this is by upgrading to energy-efficient windows. These can increase the value of your home, help you maintain more comfortable temperatures, and help you reduce your energy bills.

5. Ease of Maintenance

Finally, being able to easily maintain your windows is another important factor to consider. Regular window maintenance is key to extending the life of your windows. Luckily, windows like Infinity from Marvin are designed with some of the best state-of-the-art features, making them super easy to maintain and clean.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Windows

To protect your windows, we've put together a helpful list of window cleaning tips to help them last:

  • When cleaning fiberglass windows, using non-abrasive cloths and warm soap and water is best to avoid damaging the windows

  • Do not clean window glass when in direct sunlight, as this can leave streaks behind

  • Only use approved cleaning solutions on your windows

  • Soaking your windows with clean water can help loosen dirt and debris

  • Never use scrapers or razor blades on your windows

  • Make sure to remove all cleaning solution from the frames, sealants, and gaskets

  • Do not use solvents, paint thinners, or other harsh chemicals on your windows

Embracing the Transformative Power of Thoughtful Window Design

At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we believe that windows are more than just an everyday feature of your home. With the right windows, you can create a thoughtful design that complements the architectural style of your home and your style, all while helping you protect it and optimize energy efficiency.

To see how Infinity from Marvin replacement windows can transform your home, schedule a free in-home proposal or showroom appointment with one of our design consultants.

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