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Window Installation

Why Installation Matters

If you recently started educating yourself about windows, we know it can be overwhelming. However, North Georgia Replacement Windows is here to help you!

It's not just the type, style, and glass of window that affects energy efficiency; it's the installation process that is the most important part of window replacement. When getting estimates for window replacement, it's important to ask how the window is going to be installed, inquire about the quality of materials that will be used, and ask if the technicians/installers are experienced and certified putting in replacement windows. If your windows are not installed correctly, you might as well leave the windows open.

Homeowners shouldn't be fooled by low prices and bad practices. It's important to know the different ways a replacement window can be installed. Windows are your protection from the elements - heat, cold, wind, rain, moisture, etc. Newer installation methods are more advanced than they used to be and they're designed to keep these elements out. The type of frame, sash, glass, and sealants all contribute to the energy efficiency of a window.


Three Types of Window Installation

Sash Replacement Windows (We do not do this type of installation)

    • Only an option if your existing windows are wood
    • Only replaces the moving parts of the window (operable sashes and the tracks they slide up and down in)
    • Sash replacement does not fix any major issues, like wood rot or window openings that are not square, level or plum
    • Sash replacement does not fix air infiltration or water infiltration issues
    • Requires finish painting
    • Sash replacement is a band-aid application that we do not recommend

New Construction Window, a.k.a. Full Frame Window

    • Used when someone is building a new home or adding a new addition onto their existing home
    • Used if you have existing wood windows that are in bad shape (deteriorated framing or structural parts where the entire window jamb and trim need to be replaced)
    • Used if you have existing metal or vinyl windows where the siding will have to be cut back or removed for installation and a proper flashing system added

Replacement Window, a.k.a. Insert Window

    • Most homeowners prefer replacement windows as it is non-invasive to the home in most cases
    • If you have existing wood windows, this is the best option because you don't have to break into the original flashing system of the home. (Plus, we add additional flashing.)
    • We can still replace all of your exterior trim/brickmold if desired, but you don't have to if your trim is in good shape
OSI Materials

OSI QuadMax - Window Sealants

In addition to investing in a quality window, you want a quality installation. Part of that includes using proper materials when installing the windows and doors. There is a difference in a $2 tube of sealant and a $10 tube of sealant, which is why we use OSI QuadMax.

OSI QuadMax sets the standard for sealants and is backed by a 15-year limited warranty. Quadmax is a 3-in-1 sealant which means the sealant can be used on the interior, exterior and bedding applications of the window. QuadMax is formulated for long-term durability, is a class 50 sealant, and is available in over 4,600 colors to perfectly match your windows and home's color palettes. OSI QuadMax will not yellow, deteriorate, or attract bugs, dust, or lawn clippings like most Polyurethane silicon sealants which are commonly used. OSI QuadMax not only enhances the beauty of the window but reduces the homeowner's maintenance or potential damage to the home. In addition to using OSI QuadMax sealants, we incorporate QuadMax Closed Cell- Low Expansion Foam, which blocks out air, moisture, and vapors along with custom built butyl flashing systems to protect underneath your windows.

Water Management System

Water Management System

What is a water management system?

We're glad you asked!

Simply put, it's an installation technique used to ensure the water drains towards the exterior of your home. We know God controls the weather, but we can put systems in place to help keep the elements on the outside of your home.

With all of our windows and doors, we use proper materials and sealants to build this water management system. Although we use premium sealants, you can't expect sealants alone to prevent water infiltration.


Georgia State Licensed General Contractor

License No. RLCO003165


American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)

AAMA is the leading trade association representing window, door, skylight, curtain wall and storefront manufacturers and their suppliers. AAMA proactively and effectively influences codes, construction and specification issues. All of our installers are AAMA certified, as we seek to employ the highest standards not only in the products we offer, but in the installation techniques we use as well.

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