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Price Lock Guarantee

Break your project up into phases...

At Infinity from Marvin by North Georgia Replacement Windows, we are pleased to offer you our Price Lock Guarantee (PLG). This special incentive allows you to complete your Infinity project in phases while maintaining your current pricing. The following rules apply to the PLG:

1. The Price Lock Guarantee goes into effect once a purchase is made - it does not apply to quotes only. It is valid for 36 months from the date of your first purchase agreement.

2. The Price Lock Guarantee applies to the original homeowner(s) and does not transfer to future homeowners.

3. The Price Lock Guarantee applies to the original property location only and does not transfer to other properties.

4. The Price Lock Guarantee applies to residential properties only and does not apply to commercial properties.

5. The Price Lock Guarantee applies to Infinity from Marvin windows and doors only. No other products, labor, or construction pricing are included.

6. The Price Lock Guarantee only applies to the Infinity product pricing and monthly discount at the time of the original purchase. It does not apply to the original financing specials.

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