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Infinity® Slider Windows

Practical, Attractive Slider Windows that Create Contemporary Flair for Your Home

Looking for a modern, adaptable window style that works well for any type of architecture?

Whether you have a modern Ranch, cozy Craftsman, historic Colonial, or a modern new build, slider windows are a perfect choice! They deliver beauty, easy maintenance, and strong performance—especially when you choose premium products installed by our local experts.

At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we're proud to be the exclusive Infinity from Marvin® Windows contractor for all of Georgia. We'll install your slider windows with top-notch craftsmanship—so you can sit back and enjoy your home.

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What Makes Slider Windows So Popular?

With their large panes that slide smoothly left or right, sliders (also called gliders) are the ideal egress (escape) window to install as you update and modernize your property. They're safe, practical, and attractive in any room of your home.

They're also great if you have an opening that is more horizontal than vertical because a slider window may better suit that type of opening. Sliders can be good for enclosing screened in porch areas as well, allowing you to make expansive openings and create ventilation options.

Plus, you'll get a host of added pluses with the Infinity from Marvin line of products—which is why we love installing this high-end brand.

Gorgeous Views Through Expansive Glass Panes

With their sleek design, slider windows have lean frames and are fitted with broad glass panes—so you get better views of your landscaping while enjoying more natural lighting too.

Strong Performance Against Weather Elements

Infinity from Marvin slider windows are crafted with tight, secure seals that safeguard against water intrusion and prevent draftiness. They're eight times stronger than vinylexpanding and contracting 87% less than vinylso you can be sure they'll last.

Simple Operation and Upkeep

Our sliders are made with ergonomically designed handles that are easy to reach and simple to operate. They open effortlessly, and their tilt-in feature ensures you can conveniently clean them from safely inside your home.

Customizable Appearance

Infinity from Marvin makes it a breeze to design your sliders to fit your personal preferences and goals. You can choose:

  • Even and uneven sash (window panel) options so you can customize the panes

  • Double or triple sashes (glass panels) to give you expansive styles

  • Grilles and simulated divided lites in multiple patterns—these grids allow you to create added texture to windows and match existing architectural features

  • Beautiful hardware in brushed chrome, satin nickel, and other attractive looks

Elegant Color Selections

Craft the home design you want with your choice of lovely colors for your sliders' interior and exterior frames. Infinity from Marvin's proprietary acrylic color finish is virtually impermeable—which means you enjoy lasting, vibrant hues.

High-Performing Glass Options

Our slider windows can be made to match whatever matters most to you about your glass panes' performance. Mix and match to your heart's content:

  • Energy-efficient Low-E glass that brings in sunlight while keeping out heat, so your home stays comfortable

  • Specialty glass to reduce noise intrusion, resist shattering, and avoid cracks due to impact from debris

  • Decorative glass available in over five different looks so you can achieve the perfect blend of style and privacy

The Advantages of Choosing Our Team for Your Window Installation

At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we know that getting new windows involves a lot of moving parts and choices, and we want you to be delighted with your results for years to come. We focus on simply providing you the information you need—no sales scripts or high-pressure tactics.

We're also committed to supporting our Georgia community, and you can count on us to stand by our products and workmanship. That's why we offer a lifetime service warranty for as long as you own your home —so you can relax and enjoy lasting windows you're proud to have in your house.

Modernize Your Property with Beautiful Slider Windows by Infinity from Marvin

Get the expansive views, refreshing ventilation, and lasting performance you deserve with elegant, practical slider windows installed by our pro team—so you can love your Georgia home even more!

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