Sliding windows (also commonly referred to as glider windows) bring fresh breezes into your home while optimizing natural light penetration and lifting the atmosphere of your interior. They deliver a modern look to your house with their clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. And their versatility means they work well on a variety of home styles.

Let's take a deeper look at the benefits of sliding windows and how they elevate home design.

Get Stunning Sliding Windows for Your Georgia Home

Homeowners love a variety of things about sliding windows, such as:

1. Exceptional Beauty

Sliding windows add to your home's aesthetic with their oversized glass panels and simple design. They complement today's modern homes perfectly and work in a variety of locations within the house.

2. Versatile Customization


  • All infinity from Marvin sliding windows are custom made, which means there is flexibility when it comes to the size of your window. Depending upon the configuration, sliding windows can be as wide as 124 inches and as tall as 72 inches.

Configuration & style options

  • Equal double-sash

  • Unequal double-sash

  • Equal triple-sash

  • Unequal triple sash

3. Flexible Placement

In addition to accommodating wider spaces, sliding windows can be used strategically in your home in spaces where a swinging sash would get in the way, yet you desire ventilation and natural light. For example, in a small bathroom or near your kitchen sink, it may work best to add a sliding window for ease of use and to maximize the light and fresh air you can generate from that area. Also, whenever you have an opening that's wider than it is tall, a sliding window can be a good solution.

4. Enhance Exterior Views

If you have an open concept home and your living area smoothly transitions to your kitchen and island area without a dividing wall, make the most of the views you can enjoy from that location. Because sliding windows do not have a horizontal meeting rail (like double hung windows) and can come in larger sizes, they work perfectly in this scenario as they don't distract from views, but rather highlight them so you can enjoy each vista without distraction. Install several sliding windows in a row to create visual interest while framing your favorite scene to relish from your interior.

5. Simple Maintenance

Proper maintenance minimizes the possibility of developing air leaks. Be sure to remove any dust, debris, or dirt that falls between sliding rails. This will ensure the window continues to work with ease over its lifespan. Keep an eye on your sliding windows' weather stripping, and replace it when it wears out to ensure a good seal from outdoor temperatures. Sliders are easy to clean with their large glass panes. Additionally, the Infinity Ultrex Slider features a tilt latch that allows you to tilt the sashes in for easy cleaning of the exterior glass.

6. Excellent Energy Efficiency

Choose triple-pane glazing and Low-E glass to increase thermal performance and lower your energy usage during hot summer weather and cold winter temperatures. Sliding windows work well for naturally cooling your home seasonally because they offer such great breezes when open.

7. Reliable Durability

The lifespan of a sliding window is impacted by the material you choose for its frame. Ultrex fiberglass delivers reliable longevity with its durable makeup. Eight times stronger than vinyl, fiberglass resists expanding and contracting in any climate, making it an excellent choice for longevity.

8. Maximum Natural Ventilation

Strategically placing your sliding windows allows you to ventilate your home with fresh air when temperatures allow it. Outdoor air is cleaner than indoor air, so ventilation and circulation of outdoor air delivers a health benefit to you and your family.

9. Maximized Space

The simple, concise design of a sliding window makes it a fantastic option for your home. Sliders don't open inward or outward, so they make the most of your available floor space while adding ample natural light and fresh breezes to your home.

10. Cost Effective

Because of the larger size availability slider windows can often replace multiple existing windows with one single slider. This can lend itself to cost savings when compared to replacing multiple windows.

Infinity Fiberglass Slider Windows

This outstanding brand delivers the perfect blend of value, beauty and effortless upkeep so you can say goodbye to stuck windows, high energy bills, and high maintenance repairs. Ultrex® fiberglass makes your sliding windows resistant to leaks, seal failures, scratches and fading, allowing them to maintain their original beauty and have long-term performance.

Enhance Your Home's Beauty with Sliding Windows Installed by Georgia's Best

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We install Infinity from Marvin Ultrex fiberglass windows due to their outstanding performance, beauty, and longevity. They provide narrower frames and bigger views for you to enjoy. We are proud to be the exclusive contractor for Infinity windows for the state of Georgia, ensuring your satisfaction. Learn more about how our professional window services can elevate your home's beauty and energy efficiency.