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Clark Hall Iron Doors

Form & Function

Clark Hall Iron Doors

Transforming entries to create works of art that are built with form and function in mind. Explore Clark Hall decorative wrought iron door designs and forged iron door structural features.

Glass Options & Operable Glass

Clark Hall Iron Doors come standard with clear double insulated, tempered glass. Clear glass allows you to see ironwork from the inside of the home. Art glass including Flemish, Glacier, Rain and Seedy Baroque provide various levels of privacy. These glass options are laminated to achieve safety glass similar to tempered.


Clark Hall is known for their smooth to the touch finishes, each door is hand finished by artisans in Monterrey, Mexico. Doors are available in your choice of five finishes. A color sample may be provided prior to order.


Thermally Broken Steel Doors

Clark Hall offers steel doors appropriate for all climates that experience very low temperatures and severe changes in daily temperatures. There are several components to the design of this type of door:

•    Fully insulated door jambs (frames), stiles, rails, and panels

•    Thermal breaks between the interior and exterior sides of the jambs, stiles, rails, and panels using a rigid Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

•    Insulated Low-E glass options for specific conditions

•    Compression weather-stripping between the jamb and the door

•    Weather-stripping on all operable windows

These doors must be installed with insulation between the door frames and framing of the home. This can be done with a spray or traditional insulation material.
The combination of the door components and insulation is the key to energy savings and performance

Consumer Product Warranty

Clark Hall Iron Doors, Inc. warrants all Goods against manufacturing defects for 10 years on the iron door structure and mechanics, 5 years on the finish, and 5 years on the glass.

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