Homeowners who are considering replacing the windows in their house will not lack options in the current window marketplace. Modern technology and design have combined to develop home windows that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and economically sound for years to come.

How do you choose the right windows for the rooms in your house? Read on. As a successful North Georgia window replacement company, we have firsthand experience and knowledge about selecting the ideal windows for the different areas of your home.

Casement Windows

Hinged on the side, casement windows can be opened up to 90 degrees to provide excellent ventilation. They work well in kitchens where the window may be over the sink or a wide counter. Operated by an easy-to-turn hand crank, they can be opened and closed with one hand. You can install them in practically any room in your home for superior air circulation.

Double-Hung Windows

By far the most common type of windows on the market today, double-hung windows have independently operating top and bottom sashes. They allow for efficient air circulation in a room while providing ample security. Double-hung windows are easy to clean because the sashes tilt in or are removable.

Because they are easy to maintain and quite attractive, you can install double-hung windows for the rooms in your house that you frequently use so you can enjoy them more.

Picture Windows

For a room with a view you want to showcase, install a picture window. Frame it with casement or double-hung windows on both ends for a more appealing configuration.

Sliding Windows

This type of window can really brighten up a room since it lets in so much natural light. It is also easy to operate and keep clean. Install sliding windows in rooms you want to flood with sunshine for a cheery and bright atmosphere, such as above the kitchen sink.

Bay Windows

Whether fixed or operable, bay windows work well in living rooms and spacious master bedrooms. They are often installed with a seating bench that you can use as a reading nook. The angles of the windows (typically three windows at 35 or 45 degrees) maximize the amount of light that enters the room. (Bow windows are more rounded than bay windows and are usually comprised of five or more windows at 10 degree angles.)

Let us help you choose the right windows for your home. As a custom replacement windows company with many years of experience, we can help you with window installation and replacement. Additionally, call us for assistance installing fiberglass and wrought iron entry doors as well as sliding doors.