Although cleaning windows might not sound like the best way to spend your time, the benefits of your labor could keep your windows looking great for years to come.

We're discussing all things 'window cleaning', which goes beyond just the glass. Learn what cleaning products are best, the proper methods involved, and what things to avoid using and/or doing.

Below are four things to consider when cleaning your Infinity fiberglass windows.

1. Glass Cleaning

  • Glass should not be cleaned when in the direct sunlight - cleaning on a hot, sunny day can sometimes allow the cleaner to dry on the glass and leaves streaks on your windows.
  • Take extra precaution when cleaning glass with coated surfaces
  • Soaking with clean water helps loosen dirt and debris
  • Only use approved cleaning solution
  • Make sure to completely dry all cleaning solution from window frames, sealants and gaskets
  • Never use any type of scrapers
Glass Cleaning

2. Screen Removal and Cleaning

  • First remove screens from windows and place on flat, clean area
  • To remove window screens, you must be inside your home as there are pins that will need to come out first
  • If you need help figuring out how to remove the screens, The Infinity Owner's Manual has complete instructions for every product
  • Use clean water to spray off any dust and debris
  • Let screens completely dry before putting them back on the windows
  • When removing and replacing door screens, always work from the exterior of the door
Screen Removal and Cleaning

3. Cleaning the Ultrex Fiberglass (the frame and grids):

  • Be sure to use an approved cleaning solution
  • Place solution on a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface
  • Use clean water to rinse
  • Do not use extreme pressure or scrubbing
  • Do not use solvents, paint thinners, or other chemicals
Cleaning the Ultrex Fiberglass (the frame and grids
Place solution on a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface

4. Cleaning the Hardware

  • Use a damp cloth soaked in warm water to clean the surface
  • Wipe down with a dry cloth and allow the surface to completely dry
  • Try cleaning with an approved cleaning solution if the surface has become soiled
  • Use warm water to rinse off cleaning solution and let completely dry
  • Never sand the surface
Cleaning the Hardware

For more questions about window cleaning or to schedule your free window consultation to learn more about Infinity fiberglass windows and doors, schedule your free consultation or call us at 770-888-1604.