You've probably noticed that there is a similar look to many homes these days.

They are often painted white (or a very light color), have dark windows installed, and are coupled with farmhouse grid patterns. Whether you're a fan of this or not (which we are), it's a trend among homeowners now.

Windows play a crucial role in pulling off this look.

The dark window frames pop against the home's light exterior, causing the windows to be more than just functional, but also a true focal point of your home's aesthetics.

What is the name of this trend?

We're glad you asked!

It's called a modern farmhouse style, using more whites, pastels, and off-whites for a brighter look. This is not the same as the classical farmhouse style.

Infinity fiberglass windows in Ebony (black) with one vertical grid in the top sash

Mixed Materials & Sustainability

The same article from above also mentions that this modern farmhouse style mixes materials like sustainable wood and wood veneer. Since our windows (both the frames and the glass) start from silica sand and go through a patented pultrusion process, you not only get a sustainable product, but one that works well together. Bonus - the windows still look like traditional wood windows. They were even designed by a wood window architect. This means you can enjoy the elimination of rot and other wood window maintenance issues, while not sacrificing the beauty of a traditional wood window.

Dark Windows

Colors are a big part of this trend. Part of the key to creating the 'modern' aspect of the modern farmhouse style is introducing contrasting colors to your white and neutral backgrounds.

'Don't forget the black! Adding pops of black doesn't make a space feel darker, in fact, it's the opposite! Black is the perfect juxtaposition to the crisp white and creates a perfectly balanced backdrop for rugs and furnishings.' ~Homes & Gardens

Infinity from Marvin offers a variety of both interior and exterior colors to choose from, including dark options like our Bronze and Ebony (black).

Narrow Profiles

Sleek touches and smooth lines are also part of this new modern farmhouse style. Think minimalism in a sense.

Ultrex® fiberglass is a perfect window material to help accomplish this look. Why? Because it's 8x stronger than vinyl. This means the window frames are more narrow, creating the sleek, modern look. Additionally, you get more daylight and bigger views. You won't have to deal with big, bulky windows that take away glass space and give you a smaller view.

Large Infinity fiberglass picture windows in Ebony (black) let in a lot of natural sunlight into this home's living space.

Grid Patterns

And last, but certainly not least, is the grid pattern!

When we use the term 'grids', we are talking about the dividers in the window. Sometimes also referred to as muntins or grilles, these are what divide up the window glass into smaller squares or rectangles. Grids can be in between the panes of glass (GBGs) or on the outside of the glass, called Simulated Divided Lite grids, or SDLs.

For this modern farmhouse grid pattern, a common pattern is to have one horizontal grid and one vertical grid, making a "+" on your window which gives you four lites (panes of glass) - two on the top and two on the bottom.

Infinity fiberglass windows with one vertical grid in the top and bottom sash.

This grid pattern can vary. Sometimes, homeowners choose two vertical grids and only put them in the top sash. Another common pattern is having one vertical and one horizontal grid, either only in the top sash, or the top and bottom sash. Other times, they'll eliminate grids altogether for a more open concept. The main difference between traditional grids and modern farmhouse style grids is there is a shift towards bigger glass space than before. Traditional grid patterns divide the window up into smaller glass squares, whereas modern farmhouse window grids create a more open concept full of light and clean lines.

If you are interested in creating this modern farmhouse style for your home - or if you simply need new windows or doors, contact us today. We'd love to help you!