Your front door can dramatically impact your home's curb appeal, but more notably, it's the first feature guests notice when they arrive at your home. Needless to say, choosing a front door that is stylish, eye-catching, and unique is of the utmost importance!

Decorative glass doors are a superb option to add personality to your home—but they come with other great benefits too. Keep reading to discover the advantages of decorative glass doors and the unique options you can choose from to customize your home.

Benefits of an Entry Door with Decorative Glass

Enhance the Beauty of Your Entryway

Your home is a reflection of your personal style—from the paint colors to the hardware you choose—and your entryway should be no exception. Decorative glass comes in a wide range of shapes, colors, styles, and textures, so it's easy to find a look that beautifies your home.

Decorative glass is also an easy way to add old-world charm to your property, so if your home features historic architecture, installing a door with decorative glass is a great way to preserve and enhance your dwelling's timeless charm.

Brighten Your Home with Natural Light

If your home's entryway doesn't have many windows, it can become rather dim, which is no way to greet your guests! You can always incorporate artificial bulbs into your entryway design, but natural lighting is much more attractive, inviting, and energy efficient.

Decorative glass doors - when compared to solid doors - can flood your home with natural light, even if you don't have many windows. If your glass door is frosted for privacy, it will still increase the sunlight exposure in your home, making your entryway brighter and more welcoming.

Improve Your Home's Curb Appeal

When you're thinking about projects to boost your curb appeal, siding installation, replacement windows, or a fresh coat of exterior paint may come to mind.

However, many homeowners overlook how a brand-new front door with decorative glass can be the perfect "finishing touch" on your home. If potential buyers perceive your decorative front door as added value, you could recoup a significant amount of your initial investment.

Privacy and Security

Many homeowners often think that a glass entry door allows too much visibility into a home, but this is not the case with decorative glass doors.

There are many options to choose in finding a balance between privacy and a desired level of natural light. Each style of decorative glass doors are awarded a privacy rating, so you can choose the level of privacy that works best for your home.

For instance, if your front door is near the main road, you may want to choose a style with a higher privacy rating. However, if your front door is shaded by trees or a porch, you may want to choose a lower privacy rating.

Choose from These Versatile Styles of Decorative Glass for Your Entry Door

Decorative glass doors come in a few unique styles to accommodate a wide range of home styles, privacy preferences, and more. Choose from these common styles of decorative glass to customize your entry door to match your unique needs:

Beveled Glass

Most neighborhoods have similar-looking houses and doors. Homeowners who are looking for a unique eye-catching door may want to consider a beveled glass entry door.

Beveled glass doors have the edges of the glass cut and polished to achieve a certain effect with angles less than 90 degrees. The glass is thinner on the edges and has a normal thickness in the center which creates a very elegant door. Beveled glass is unique and can be combined with grids and other glass patterns to suite your personal design preferences.

Stained Glass

You may associate stained glass with churches and historical buildings, but that doesn't mean this style can't look great on your home too!

Stained glass (also called art glass) typically pairs best with traditional architecture, but it can add a much-needed pop of color and elegance to any exterior. Stained glass doors come in many versatile styles, so finding the perfect colors, patterns, and designs to elevate your entryway is a breeze.

Privacy Glass

If you'd love to incorporate decorative glass into your entryway but are concerned about your family's safety, you'll love privacy glass.

You can choose from a variety of options based upon not only aesthetics, but also the privacy level that each glass offers. Certain glass styles are more translucent than others, allowing you to choose the amount of privacy you desire without sacrificing the stylish look of your front door.

Enhance Your Front Door with Decorative Glass from North Georgia Replacement Windows

If you're interested in replacing your entry door with decorative glass to boost your home's curb appeal, natural lighting, and beautiful appearance, allow our local team at North Georgia Replacement Windows to help.

We offer a wide range of entry doors from top-rated brands—including ProVia, MaxCraft, Plastpro, and Therma-Tru—so you can find the perfect material, color, and style for your home. We stand by our products and services, so if something doesn't go as planned, you can rest assured we won't finish your project until we make it right!

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