You want to make a memorable first impression whenever you meet someone new, right?

Typically, your front door is the first feature that family members, friends, and neighbors notice before entering your home. That's why it's crucial to choose the perfect shade for your entry door based on your home's style, location, and unique features.

Here's how you can maximize your home's curb appeal (and make a great impression!) with the perfect entry door color.

Popular Front Door Shades

Warm Tones

  • Red—Bright or muted shades of red help your front door make a statement while providing guests with a warm welcome.

  • Natural—If you have a textured door, rather than painting it, enhance the existing grain with a stain to match your home's interior and exterior.

Cool Tones

  • Blue—With dozens of unique options, like bold navy, eye-catching teal, and calming light blue, you can effortlessly blend this shade into nearly any home style.

  • Green—Contrast a red exterior or highlight your home's natural surroundings with an emerald or muted sage door.

Neutral Tones

  • Black—A striking black door provides excellent contrast against light exteriors, like bright white or pale grey.

  • White—Add effortless elegance to your home with a classic white front door that pairs perfectly with a light-colored exterior or dramatic hue.

  • Grey—Choose a shade that complements any home style or exterior color with varying neutral tones to choose from.

The Best Entry Door Colors for Common Georgia Home Styles

Modern Homes

Contemporary homes are designed to be sleek, fresh, and eye-catching. These homes typically include minimalist features and emphasize neutral shades, like white, grey, and black in the exterior design. Therefore, you can boost the curb appeal of your modern home with bold door colors, like turquoise blue, deep purple, or bright yellow.

Colonial Homes

Colonial houses are traditional, symmetrical, and elegant, and they tend to follow warm or neutral color schemes. Because of this, bold or cool shades, like sage green, dark grey, jet black, and turquoise blue provide the perfect "pop" against this attractive style's classic architecture.

Victorian Homes

Victorian homes feature unique design elements, like steep, gabled roofs, turrets and dormers, decorative woodwork, and often, colorful exteriors. Depending on your exterior's tone, choose a door with a bright shade, like dark green, turquoise blue, or deep red to accentuate this home style's unconventional exterior.

Cape Cod Homes

Cape Cod homes were first designed in the 1600s in New England and are known for their simple, cottage-style, neutral-colored exteriors. These homes look great with neutral-toned front doors, like black, white, and grey. However, if you'd like to add a touch of color to your home's simple exterior, consider a bright red front door for a warm-hued Cape Cod home and a light blue door for a cool-toned home.

Brick Homes

Whether you live in a Colonial, Farmhouse, or Ranch-style home, most brick exteriors look great with neutral-colored doors, like black and white, or a bright red shade to bring out the warm hues in your home's exterior. If you've painted your brick exterior a neutral color, like white, consider an eye-catching shade of blue, like teal or navy, to create the perfect blend of timeless and modern styles for your home's exterior.

Other Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Front Door Color

In addition to your home's style, other important factors should impact the shade you choose for your entryway door. Here are some specific questions to ask yourself before selecting a color:

  • How will this color complement my landscaping and the scenery around my home?

  • Which colors bring me a sense of joy, peace, and serenity?

  • Would I prefer my house to effortlessly blend into the neighborhood or make a bold statement?

  • Do I want my exterior to match the color scheme inside my home?

  • How do I want my family, guests, neighbors, and potential buyers to feel as they approach my home?

  • Which direction does my home face? Will the sun's bright rays impact the warm or cool hue I've selected?

Select an Idyllic Shade for Your Georgia Entry Door with North Georgia Replacement Windows

It's essential to choose an expert contractor who can complete your installation with excellence—regardless of which shade you choose to adorn your entryway door.

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