With either new construction or replacement windows, you will have multiple options when choosing the materials used in the window frames. There are a few things to consider when choosing between vinyl and fiberglass windows.

Vinyl Windows
Vinyl is the name given for extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC, or vinyl, is a common material used for all sorts of things such as shower curtains, plastic bags, drinking straws, and much more. In terms of Chemistry, PVC is essentially a very large molecule. When certain additives are combined with raw PVC, plastic is created. So, when you have Vinyl Windows installed, you are actually installing windows made of plastic.

Vinyl composites are thermoplastic materials, which means they have the potential to change shape when they are exposed to extreme temperatures. In extreme heat, they could soften, melt, sag and deform. In the cold, they could become brittle and break.

Vinyl windows are a good choice for window replacements but won't last. There are far more superior materials than plastic.

Fiberglass Windows
Fiberglass is tough, weatherproof material. It has an amazing strength-to-weight ratio, which is one of the reasons why it's the material of choice for boats, bridges, guard rails, and ladders. It's highly durable, doesn't corrode, resists rot, and resists expanding and contracting in temperature swings.

Ultrex is a patented material pioneered by Marvin®. It is made with thin strands of strong glass cables, saturated with specially compounded resins, pulled through a heated die, integrated with a patented acrylic coating, and cut with diamond-edge blades. Ultrex is the perfect window material.

Ultrex is a thermoset material that is cured and hardened into a shape. This curing process is an irreversible chemical reaction, which means doors and windows made of Ultrex will not melt or lose its true shape, even when exposed to extreme temperatures of up to 285ºF.

The material you choose for your windows and doors will have impacts far into the future. Would you trust a plastic raft or a fiberglass boat more? North Georgia Replacement Windows trusts a fiberglass boat more. This is why we have discontinued plastic. Contact us today to talk more about why you can trust fiberglass or learn more in our "Replacement Window Buyer's Guide."