Double hung windows enhance your home in many ways — they flood rooms with natural light, welcome in refreshing ventilation, and boost your property's curb appeal.

However, double hung windows can collect dirt, dust, and grime and should be checked to see if a cleaning is due. This will ensure they stay beautiful and perform at an optimal level. Follow our expert tips and tricks below to ensure your windows are cleaned properly to extend their lifespan.

Window Washing Supplies

Gather the following supplies before cleaning your double hung windows:

Cleaning Solution

Before you begin, check with your window manufacturer to verify what solutions may be approved. Instead of using an abrasive cleaning solution with harsh chemicals you would find at the store, it's always best to verify first. For Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows, here is a list of approved cleaning solutions for you to use.

Large Sponge

Find a large sponge you can use to apply the cleaning solution to your windows. Do not use abrasive cleaning materials or scrapers of any shape or size, as they can damage your frames.

Microfiber Cloths or Soft Cloths

It's essential to use a lint-free cloth to give your windows a streak-free shine, and microfiber cloths are one of the best options on the market. They are gentle enough to clean your glass, frames, and hardware, so keep these on hand to clean your windows!

Water Bucket

In addition to your bucket filled with cleaning solution, keep a bucket of clean water nearby.

Steps for Cleaning Double Hung Windows

Follow these steps to clean the different elements of your double hung windows.


Since most double hung windows have a tilt-in feature, you can clean both sides of the glass from the inside. Convenient, right?

A reminder that glass should not be cleaned when in the direct sunlight and take extra precaution when cleaning glass with coated surfaces.

Start by checking your windows for any dirt or debris. If there is any, soaking with clean water can help loosen it. You can wipe this away with a clean, dry cloth and then apply an approved cleaning solution.

Then make sure to completely dry all cleaning solution from your window frames, sealants and gaskets, and never use any type of scrapers.

To clean the outside of the glass, tilt your windows inside. Push the bottom sash up a few inches, press the tilt release button, slide the lock lever, and slowly pull the window toward you. If you need help operating your double hung window, watch this short video.

After you've cleaned the bottom sash, set it down gently. Then, repeat the same process to clean the top sash.

Once you've cleaned your window, you can snap the upper sash back into the frame and push it upward, then snap the lower sash back into place and push it downward.


While your windows are tilted in (before snapping them back into place), clean the inside and outside of the frames too.

When using an approved cleaning product, place the solution on a soft cloth and gently wipe the surface. Then use clean water to rinse.

Keep in mind not to use extreme pressure or scrubbing as well as avoid using solvents, paint thinners, or other chemicals as this can damage the frames.


To polish your hardware, use a clean, soft, damp cloth to remove fingerprints.

Unless recommended by the hardware manufacturer, do not use household cleaners, window cleaning solutions, abrasive cleaners, bleaches, solvents, polishes, or other chemicals.

Striking the hardware with keys, rings or other sharp objects can cause damage, so be careful if you are cleaning your windows while wearing rings, watches, bracelets, or have other sharp objects on you like keys.

Double Hung Window Washing Tips

Keep these additional tips in mind when cleaning your windows for optimal results:

  • Clean your windows twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall, to eliminate an excessive buildup of dirt, dust, and grime. You can also clean as needed to keep your windows looking beautiful year-round.
  • Choose an overcast day to clean your windows to ensure the sunlight doesn't cause the cleaning solution to dry too quickly and create streaks.
  • Utilize the tilt-in sashes to make cleaning the outside of your windows a breeze from the comfort of your own home.
  • Remove window screens before cleaning your windows, lay them on a flat and clean surface, rinse them with clean water , and leave them out to dry completely before putting them back on your windows.

Keep Your Windows in Great Shape with Maintenance Tips from North Georgia Replacement Windows

If you want to keep your double hung windows looking great and performing well for years to come, it's crucial to stay up to date on cleaning and maintenance tasks. So, if you are already cleaning your windows twice a year — you are off to a great start!

Check out these helpful cleaning and maintenance tips or contact us now if you still want more information about keeping your double hung windows squeaky clean.