When it's time for replacement windows, you may be debating whether it's worth cutting a few corners to save a couple hundred (or thousand) dollars on your project.

What you may not realize is that the price of your windows is directly correlated with their quality — meaning that cheap windows may initially save you money, but the cost of repairs will quickly add up. In this post, we'll explain the factors that affect the cost of replacement windows and why it's worthwhile to invest in high-quality windows installed by a trusted contractor.

What Impacts the Cost of Replacement Windows?

Windows will be most expensive (but will last longer and save you more money in the long run) when they are made with high-quality materials, include practical money-saving features, and are installed by a reputable contractor.


The three most popular windows materials are wood, vinyl, and fiberglass.

Vinyl windows are usually the cheapest but are prone to chipping, cracking, warping, and fading, so they don't last as long as other materials. Fiberglass and wood windows are comparably priced, but wood can rot or develop moisture damage — making fiberglass windows the best value.

North Georgia Replacement Windows installs Infinity from Marvin® fiberglass windows designed to look like a wood window, and with the option to upgrade the interior to stainable Everwood, you can enjoy the beautiful appeal of wood windows without the high-maintenance upkeep. As the exclusive Infinity from Marvin window contractor in Georgia, we are the only company in the state who can offer this unique finish.


You can include many features with your windows that will impact the price. You can choose from practical features, like double-pane or triple-pane glass for soundproofing and insulation, or decorative elements, such as frosted glass or stylish hardware, to make your windows unique — just remember, additional features have additional costs.


Finally, hiring a contractor to install your windows will cost more than a DIY project. However, it's worth investing in professional installation to ensure your windows are installed correctly. Then, you won't have to deal with costly issues (like seal failure or water leaks) in the future.

Reasons to Invest in High-Quality Windows (vs. Budget Windows)

Now that you understand why replacement windows can vary in price, let's dive into why it's worthwhile to install high-quality windows from a reputable contractor — even if they cost a little more.

Durable Materials

As we mentioned, windows that cost more are made from higher-quality materials, like fiberglass, that last longer than other products. In fact, the fiberglass windows we install are made from Ultrex® fiberglass — a material that is eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than vinyl/wood composite products to give you lasting value.

Ultrex fiberglass windows will not break or warp in fluctuating temperatures, and they are made with a high-quality finish that will not scratch, discolor, or fade.

Solid Installation

You can find budget windows at a hardware store to install yourself — but the quality won't be nearly as good as windows offered by a trustworthy contractor.

Most contractors have long-standing relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, allowing them to offer windows of a higher caliber than you could find on your own. These contractors are trained to install windows correctly and protect your warranty, saving you from spending thousands of dollars on future repairs.

Glass Insulation

Keeping your old, thin, single-pane windows may be cheaper, but they won't offer you the same energy efficiency, noise cancellation, or UV protection that high-quality windows will — leaving you to pay the difference in your utility bills.

When you install double-pane or triple-pane windows with glass insulated with dense gases, like krypton or argon, your windows can reduce neighborhood noises and help eliminate uncomfortable drafts. Plus, with Low-E glazing, your windows will protect your home from harmful ultraviolet rays, which can damage the furniture, flooring, and finishes.

Custom Sizing

Finally, cheap (or DIY) windows will come in a couple of "cookie cutter" shapes you can use for your home. However, if you want to ensure your windows are perfectly shaped for your home, or if you have an unusually shaped window you need to replace, you'll need to pay a bit more for the materials and installation.

North Georgia Replacement Windows offers fiberglass windows in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including custom specialty windows, to help you find a good weathertight fit for your home.

Choose High-Quality Window Installation from North Georgia Replacement Windows

When all is said and done — yes, you will have to invest more for high-quality windows installed by a reputable contractor. But that said, we don't think you should have to break the bank for long-lasting replacement windows.

North Georgia Replacement Windows offers high-quality products, professional labor, and premium materials to provide Georgia homeowners with replacement windows at an affordable price. We can also complete your project in phases and offer financing options to keep the cost down, if needed!

Learn more about our window services and preferred manufacturer — Infinity from Marvin — to discover how we offer the perfect blend of performance, durability, and beauty for your upcoming window replacement.