There are a handful of options on the market when it comes to replacement windows for your home. Aluminum, vinyl and wood are commonly used window materials, covering an expanse of variations in price and durability as they pertain to the architecture of a house. However, infinty fiberglass replacement windows is an option that is growing in popularity. If you are unfamiliar with the virtues of this up-and-coming material, here are some benefits of fiberglass replacement windows:

Fiberglass is resistant to hot and cold extremes; therefore, fiberglass replacement windows are suitable for any climate. The material is less likely to expand, shrink, crack, warp, fade, peel, sag or rot, and it is chemical-resistant. Additionally, fiberglass is low-maintenance, and its integrity can be preserved for years on end.

Energy Efficiency
As you may already know in the context of your home's attic, fiberglass is a substance that insulates a space. So, in contrast to other window types, fiberglass windows do not require a thermal barrier (e.g. polyamide strips). Also, because fiberglass does not expand or shrink, the likelihood of air leaks is decreased. Overall, infinity fiberglass replacement windows can reduce your utility bills.

Environmental Friendliness
The energy used to manufacture fiberglass windows is exponentially less than what is required of other window types. First, fiberglass is constructed of silica sand, a sustainable resource that is already abundant. Second, fiberglass's longevity means it doesn't have to be replaced as often. Less waste means less negative impact on the environment!

Aesthetic Friendliness
Fiberglass can be made to look like high-end wood windows by mimicking wood grain on the window's interior and matching its exterior color to the outside of the house. Moreover, fiberglass windows can be painted — and they hold the hue!

Fiberglass replacement windows are versatile and come in many styles such as awning, casement, double-hung and more. The price of fiberglass windows is moderate, costing more than vinyl but less than wood. Ultimately, infinity fiberglass is a worthwhile investment in terms of strength, endurance and appearance. Learn more about your fiberglass window options in our "Replacement Window Buyer's Guide."

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