After several long months of the southern heat and humidity, fall brings a welcome respite from the sweltering weather to Georgia homeowners. However, before enjoying the autumn weather by cozying up with a maple-flavored latte or venturing out to the pumpkin patch, something else should be top of mind as summer ends—fall window maintenance.

Getting your windows in great shape before the winter weather sets in isn't difficult. Move down this list, complete the following tasks, and watch your home's comfort and curb appeal improve overnight!

Check These Window Maintenance Tasks Off Your To-Do List This Fall

Fix Drafts

If you have drafty windows, your heating and cooling bills will skyrocket in the summer and winter. Your home will also be uncomfortably cold or warm since the temperature-regulated indoor air can escape through window cracks and gaps.

Drafty windows can sometimes be temporarily fixed with caulking or weatherstripping. Locate noticeable gaps between your windows and frames (usually, you'll be able to see sunlight peeking through). Then, caulking or weatherstripping (depending on the size of the gap), can be used to fill in these cracks.

It should be noted that caulking and weatherstripping are not a permanent solution to your drafty windows. It might be time to invest in replacement windows. Outdated windows usually have several underlying problems that are best fixed with replacement windows.

Remove Screens

If you had window screens up for the spring, summer, or even early fall months, the beginning of November is usually a good time to remove them before the chilly winter arrives. After cleaning your window screens, store them in a clean, dry area—such as in the basement, attic, or storage shed—until you're ready to pull them out next spring.

Clean Windows

Once the screens are removed, you may notice that your windows have dirt, dust, and grime on them from summer storms. Fortunately, fall is the perfect time to clean your windows while the weather is still nice enough to spend several hours outside.

Be sure to clean both the inside and outside of your windows. Indoor surfaces can usually be cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth (or lint-free towel). Outside surfaces might need an extra scrub from a sponge saturated with water and dish soap to loosen up dirt, and then, after rinsing off the grime with a garden hose, you can polish them with the same cleaning solution and lint-free towel used inside.

Tip: Before using any cleaning solution on your windows, read through the maintenance instructions for your window brand. For example, fiberglass windows might have approved cleaning solutions unsuitable for wood or vinyl windows, and vice versa. Following the manufacturer's instructions is essential to keep your warranty intact.

Embrace Window Treatments

Window treatments—like blinds, shades, and shutters—can help your windows "lock in" heat during the winter (and keep your home cooler during the summer).

If you're unhappy with the performance of your window treatments, consider upgrading them this fall. Not only will you give your home a fresh appearance and a boost in energy efficiency, but this may add resale value to your home. High-quality window treatments can be a sought-after upgrade that potential buyers are looking for in a house.

Make an Investment in Your Home with Replacement Windows from North Georgia Replacement Windows

The fall season brings so much beauty to Georgia, from changing leaves to crisp, cool temperatures. Fortunately, window maintenance is the perfect way to capture the splendor of fall—you'll be able to enjoy stunning views of the gorgeous autumn scenery outside your (clean) windows while sitting comfortably in a draft-free, temperature-regulated home.

If your windows are old, outdated, or damaged, fall is the perfect season to invest in window replacement. Discover the expert window replacement services we offer at North Georgia Replacement Windows that will allow you to enjoy eye-catching and energy-efficient windows!