Iron security doors protect you and your family against the elements and deter unwarranted intrusions by installing over your existing door. Additional features and fixtures help to enhance household safety, and the variety of styles allow you to choose the right door to fit your needs. These benefits and many others make iron security doors a prudent investment. If you combine a fiberglass door replacement in conjunction with an iron security door, you can realize some of the top door security features available in the Atlanta market.

One of the main security features is the multi-point locking system that engages with the door handle, which is preferable to deadbolts or regular handle sets. This system’s advanced features will provide you with peace-of-mind and a greater sense of security. Laminated security glass adds yet another layer of protection and does not shatter in case of an attempted break-in. Integration of doors and home security systems is a relatively easy process.

Alarms mount to doors via:

  • Surface mounted systems
  • Plunger style systems
  • Drill contacts into frames
  • Wired or wireless systems

Select door brands such as ThermaTru offer enhanced security strike plates that are designed to withstand more pressure, keeping them from breaking under stress. Whether you are looking for decorative iron security doors or regular models, available styles allow you to customize the look of your home. Optimizing home security makes smart sense given the risks thieves pose.

Iron security doors and fiberglass entry systems from Atlanta’s NGRW look sharp and are an effective method for preventing home intrusions. You have access to the doors and features you need to improve home aesthetics and safety when you deal with North Georgia Replacement Windows.