When you're away from home, one of your most pressing concerns is likely the security of your property, and when you're relaxing at home, your family's safety is top of mind.

Fortunately, one of the best ways to enhance the security of your property whether you're home or away is with this upgrade—an entry door with a multipoint locking system. Keep reading to learn how multipoint locking mechanisms work and their unique advantages, so you can discover why this home upgrade is well worth the investment.

What Is a Multipoint Locking System?

A multipoint locking system is a piece of door hardware that locks in multiple locations—usually at the top, middle, and bottom of the door. Unlike a standard locking system with one deadbolt, a multipoint locking system has three deadbolts or more, making it more difficult for an intruder to break through.

Modern Multipoint Locking Systems vs. Older Multipoint Locking Systems

Modern multipoint locking systems are much easier to operate than doors with older multipoint locking systems, and they are also much safer than doors with just one deadbolt.

For example, these modern doors include one locking mechanism (instead of a separate mechanism for each deadbolt), so each deadbolt responds to the same key turn. You don't have to bend down or stand on your tiptoes to secure each lock.

Additionally, modern multipoint locking systems can be secured on the inside and outside (as opposed to just the inside), so you can easily lock or unlock your door no matter which side of the door you're on.

Benefits of a Multipoint Lock

Installing a new door with a multipoint lock comes with several fantastic benefits that can help you save money and protect your home, including:

Enhanced Safety

Of course, the most obvious advantage of installing an entry door with a multipoint locking mechanism is to protect your home and your family from intruders. Since your front door will have three deadbolts instead of just one, you will reduce your chance of burglaries.

Multipoint locking systems can help ease your mind about you and your family's safety—and you can't put a price tag on your peace of mind!

Insurance Benefits

Do you realize upgrading your current front door to a new front door with a multipoint lock is actually an investment and may reduce your insurance payment?

Since there are so many insurance providers out there, you will want to look into this and talk to your insurance provider. A multipoint locking system may be something they offer discounts for since it enhances the safety of the door.

Energy Efficiency

When your door has more deadbolts, the seal between your door and doorframe becomes tighter. When you install a door with a multipoint locking system, you'll reduce drafts in your home, creating a more comfortable home environment and lower utility bills.

Lasting Strength

You may not think much about it, but when your door has a single bolt, it puts significant pressure on the hinges when closed.

When you install an entry door with a multipoint locking system, the pressure placed on your hinges when the door is closed is more evenly distributed between three (or more) locks, which can help to extend the lifespan of your door.

Can I Install a Multipoint Lock on My Existing Door?

It's not typically something that is ever added to an existing door system due to the complex prep work and the need for factory equipment. If you install a multipoint lock on your existing door, you may damage it. This is not something we at North Georgia Replacement Windows do, but we can help you choose a new door with a multipoint locking system.

Which Styles of Entry Doors Can Include Multipoint Locks?

North Georgia Replacement Windows has beautiful, energy-efficient doors with multipoint locking systems you can choose from to customize your entryway while still matching your home's unique architecture and style.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Multipoint Locking System for Your Front Door

It's important to consider the following before installing an entry door with a multipoint locking mechanism to ensure the door you choose works for you and your family:

  • Convenience—Do you have several family members leaving and arriving at your house during multiple times of the day? If so, features that encourage convenience, like a keyless locking device, may be a wise addition to your entry door.
  • Operation—Make sure to use a lock that's easy enough for everyone in your family to use but not too easy for little kids (or intruders) to figure out.
  • Security— Check your multipoint locking system's security rating to ensure it fulfills your unique needs. Sometimes, cheaper locks aren't as reliable, so do your due diligence by researching options before purchasing one for your home.

Enhance the Security of Your Door with Multipoint Locks from North Georgia Replacement Windows

Ready to invest in your home's security? If so, installing an entry door with a multipoint locking system is the perfect place to start.

North Georgia Replacement Windows specializes in window and door replacement for homeowners across the state of Georgia. We stand by our products and services, so if any challenges are present, you can rest assured we will help you through them!

Browse our wide selection of entry doors to find the perfect sleek, stylish door to accompany your new multipoint locking system, and contact us with any questions and to start your door project today!