When selecting windows for a new home, there is a lot to think through, from brands and materials to styles and shapes. However, one consideration homeowners often overlook (or think about after it's too late) is window placement.

Regardless of which materials, designs, and shapes you choose, window placement can drastically impact a home's efficiency, lighting, privacy, and style. North Georgia Replacement Windows is here to help you choose the perfect window placement in your new home. Below, we'll share how you can use the placement of windows to reduce energy bills, strengthen home security, and enhance your home with a desirable style.

What Does Window Placement Impact?

Natural Light

Perhaps the most obvious purpose of windows is to allow natural light inside. However, window placement drastically impacts how much light will reach certain rooms during certain times of the day.

Remember, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so windows on your home's east side will enjoy the morning sun while west-facing windows will receive evening light. A room like an office or gym might be ideal on the east side of the home, where you'll enjoy bright, cheerful morning light to motivate you to start the day. In contrast, windows in a cozy family room or bedroom might be perfect to place on the west side of the home to capture the warmth and glow of the sunset.

Energy Efficiency

As we mentioned, windows allow sunlight into your home, which, in turn, creates heat.

Rooms that you would like to stay warm and cozy all year, like a living room, would benefit from larger windows, while rooms that already get steamy and warm, like a bathroom or kitchen, probably need fewer windows. If there is a room you'd like to stay cool and include larger windows (usually the kitchen), it would be wise to choose north or south-facing windows to eliminate direct sunlight and additional unwanted heat when cooking and cleaning.

Privacy and Functionality

There are several practical thoughts to consider when thinking about window placement, both for privacy and functionality.

For example, most homeowners wouldn't want a large window in their bathroom but would prefer an elevated awning window to provide refreshing ventilation after a steamy shower. Some homeowners might desire a window that faces west in the primary bedroom to allow warm evening light inside but want it angled away from the neighbors for additional privacy.

Also, you'll need to consider how to use the window. For instance, an inoperable picture window is a poor choice for a room where you would want extra ventilation, like a kitchen or bathroom. A casement window would be impossible to open and close if something was blocking it outside, like a tree trunk or an A/C unit. Specific styles, like double-hung windows, are easier to clean on the second level of two-story homes. These are just a few considerations to make before choosing window placement.

Safety Concerns

There are several safety and security measures to take when choosing window placement. First and foremost, it is crucial to ensure plenty of exits (windows and doors) exist in case of an emergency, like a fire. Additionally, it's vital to ensure windows are not placed in a position that will compromise the home's structural integrity.

Less likely, but still good to consider, is how well protected your windows are against intruders. Ideally, windows on the first floor should be placed somewhere in plain sight and well-secured to deter break-ins. It might also be wise to place security cameras near windows in locations that can't be closely monitored by passing traffic, neighbors, etc.

Aesthetic Appeal

Finally, one of the most crucial things to consider when placing windows is how the window will look and enhance your home's style. Consider these aesthetic aspects when selecting window placement:

  • Use different window shapes to create an eye-catching style. However, stick to just a few shapes to keep your walls from looking too busy.

  • Make sure windows are placed on walls with a proportionate amount of wall space and try to keep windows aligned on the same wall (and in the same room) for a balanced and cohesive look.

  • Choose a location for your windows highlighting a gorgeous view, like a beautiful, lush tree or your seasonal flower garden in the backyard.

  • Make large windows a statement piece in certain rooms, like a picture window in the living room or bay and bow windows in the kitchen or at the top of the stairs.

  • Interior and exterior window frame colors can complement or enhance your overall design aesthetic.

Think Through the Perfect Window Placement with North Georgia Replacement Windows

Whew—there's a lot to think about regarding window placement, right? And that's not to mention choosing the perfect brand, style, and materials for your new windows.

Instead of tackling all these important decisions yourself, turn to a professional window company like North Georgia Replacement Windows. We can help you select the perfect place for new windows so you'll be confident your windows will provide excellent ventilation, abundant natural light, gorgeous style, enhanced safety, and much, much more!

Learn more about our window services to discover how we can help and the benefits of working with our professional, local team.

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