Does the noise of the neighbors mowing their lawn always wake you up bright and early on Saturday morning when you're trying to sleep in? Does it get old hearing the neighborhood traffic while sitting at your desk in your home office trying to work?

If so, implementing some window soundproofing strategies may be an excellent way to reduce disruptive sounds and noise pollution inside your home for better rest, sleep, and focus. Below are some of our best recommendations for indoor noise reduction as window installation professionals.

Strategies for Windows

Interior Storm Windows

One of the most effective solutions for soundproofing existing windows is window inserts.

A laminated glass insert is installed inside the window frame and positioned a few inches in front of the interior of the current window. This creates an air barrier between the window and the insert that dampens noises and keeps loud sounds from passing through the glass into your home.

Interior Storm Windows are most effective when installed with single-pane windows. They are an excellent soundproofing option if window replacement is out of budget or an effective, quick fix is needed immediately.

Weatherstripping and Sealing

Sometimes, the windows themselves aren't the cause of noise pollution. Often, it's the small gaps between the window and interior wall that allow disruptive sounds to sneak inside.

The solution for this problem is simple—you can seal gaps and cracks between the window frame and wall with caulk or install weatherstripping (often made of rubber, felt, foam, or vinyl). Sealing and weatherstripping your windows serves a double purpose. Not only will it dampen sounds, but it will also eliminate drafts and keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Blinds or Curtains

If you're looking for a quick, affordable solution to reduce outdoor noises inside, purchasing and hanging soundproof curtains is an excellent option.

Sound-dampening curtains are typically made of multiple layers of dense, heavy materials, like velvet or suede, that are most effective at absorbing sound. Soundproof curtains or blinds are an ideal option to dampen small, disruptive noises such as barking dogs or chirping birds; however, they will be ineffective at blocking out louder sounds like heavy machinery or zooming traffic. They're also relatively easy to customize so they match your home's existing style!

Double-Cell Shades

Double-cell shades are an excellent noise-blocking solution, but they also provide other benefits like blocking out bright lights and regulating the indoor temperature.

These shades are made of tubes (or cells) of a woven polyester fabric. When you look at these shades from the side, they have a honeycomb shape. As opposed to single-cell shades, double-cell shades have one layer of cells against the window and another closer to the room, making them more effective at absorbing sounds. Again, like sound-dampening curtains, double-cell shades are most effective at lessening minor day-to-day noises, as opposed to louder more disruptive sounds.

Double-Pane or Triple-Pane Windows

If your home has outdated single-pane windows and you're looking for a longer-lasting solution than window inserts,double-pane or (triple-pane depending on your climate) windows are an excellent choice!

Modern double- and triple-pane window systems consist of multiple panes of glass separated by dense gasses. Unlike single-pane windows, double- and triple-pane windows include several "barriers" for sounds to travel through, which significantly dampens the soundwaves before they reach your home. However, double- and triple-pane windows offer much more than sound protection— they're also excellent at improving your home's efficiency, durability, and security.

Replacement Windows

Modern windows installed by a reputable contractor will be more effective than modifying old, outdated windows. New multi paned window systems often include features designed explicitly for soundproofing, such as sound-reducing glass, and are more effective at muffling disruptive noises than inserts. Plus, you won't have to obstruct your views with shades or curtains to block out unwanted noises, which means you can appreciate sunlight streaming inside while also enjoying a peaceful home.

North Georgia Replacement Windows installs Infinity from Marvin® replacement windows, which have an option to upgrade to Sound Transmission Class & Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class (STC/OITC) glass. These glass options come with thicker glass panes that are more effective at dampening loud outdoor noises and reflecting the energy of sound waves.

Enjoy the Benefits of Beautiful, Sound Reducing Replacement Windows Installed by North Georgia Replacement Windows

If loud noises are disrupting your day-to-day life, including sleep and concentration, it's time to commit to an effective solution.

If you decide that double-pane or triple-pane window replacement is the right soundproofing solution for you, our team at North Georgia Replacement Windows would love to help with expert installation. Learn more about our window services to get started!

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