Fall is the perfect time to upgrade your home by installing sliding doors. Whether you’re replacing a current patio or French door or remodeling your home, a sliding door offers significant benefits over a single panel that opens inward or outward. Here are some of the advantages to consider.

Better Use of space

You don’t need to have a cramped indoor room, deck or patio to appreciate the better use of space that a sliding door offers over doors that swing open and closed. Also, the visibility provided by sliding doors means that accidentally opening a door into someone can be avoided.

Ease of Opening

If you’ve ever tried to balance a tray of drinks in one hand and open a regular door with the other hand, the benefits of a sliding door are clear. With a light push, they open easily, gliding along rails at the top and bottom of the door. Another light push is all that’s required to close them again, quickly sealing cool or warm air inside and bugs outside.

Brings the Outdoors In

The large glass panes of a sliding door allow natural light into the home and offer a broad view of the deck, patio, yard or surrounding landscape. As a result, sliding doors improve the flow between the home and the outdoors, whatever the season or weather. What’s more, you can improve this effect by selecting the Infinity from Marvin Patio Door. This sliding door’s strong, durable Ultrex® fiberglass construction means it has an exceptionally narrow frame, which maximizes the glass area of the door.

Energy Efficiency

Allowing more natural light into the home can increase indoor heat and fade furnishings, which puts some people off installing doors that have vast areas of glass. However, you can put your worries about increased air conditioning costs or decor damage to rest. Energy-efficient glass in a sliding door blocks ultraviolet light while allowing harmless rays through. Be sure to ask for Low-E glass. This energy-efficient glass includes one or more metallic coatings that reduce the harmful effects of natural light.


Secure locks are essential when it comes to installing any new door in the home. Some sliding door models like the Infinity Replacement Sliding Patio Door offer the additional security of a foot bolt, and you can select doors that have a hook-over lock, which makes it impossible to lift the sliding portion of the door out of its frame.


As well as all the practical benefits of sliding doors, another good reason to install them is to improve the appearance of the home. Top-of-the-range models like the Infinity Sliding French Door feature a wide selection of exterior and interior finishes, along with the choice of energy-efficient, specialty and decorative glass, and plain glass or divided-light. Alternatively, you could opt for a narrow style sliding patio door, as these complement most housing styles.

A sliding door upgrades the appearance of a home, saves space, improves natural light indoors and offers a range of other benefits. As a long-term investment, it’s worth purchasing top-quality doors that offer the best appearance and advantages. For more information on installing sliding doors, contact an expert at North Georgia Replacement Windows.