Shutters are more than just a popular decorative style for building exteriors. Did you know that they are functional, too? They are designed to protect houses against extreme weather — from heat waves to hurricanes. No matter where you live in Georgia, window shutters can offer shelter, safety, and beauty to both homes & even certain commercial buildings. Plus, NGRW provides shutters that are rot, moisture, & termite resistant, so you can rest easy knowing that they won't be a high-maintenance upgrade to your home.

Aesthetics and accessibility are factors to consider when choosing a shutter style. Perhaps your home requires shutters that are authentic and period-appropriate, yet need to remain stationary. Or, if you need functional shutters, you may want a mechanism that is easy to use.

There are several types of exterior shutters homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia may find useful — but which shutters are right for your residence? Keep reading to decide!

Exterior Shutter Styles to Choose from for Your Georgia Home

Bahama Shutters

Bahama shutters are a type of storm shutter, so they offer excellent protection from the sun and storms while also adding charm and style to your curb appeal. These shutters are installed on the top of your window, so they can be propped open horizontally, like an awning window, but they can quickly close if needed.

Bahama shutters are permanently fixed onto your windows but are perfect for homes in hurricane-prone regions, like the coast of Georgia — no wonder they are named after a tropical island!

Board-and-Batten Shutters

If you'd like to give your exterior cozy, farmhouse vibes — board-and-batten shutters are an excellent investment. These shutters are made from individual boards that are bonded together with short crosspieces (battens), and they're usually installed on the sides of each window and swing outward, like a French door.

Board-and-batten shutters are durable, but they're primarily installed for their charming curb appeal. Our shutters are made from specifically formulated rot, moisture, and termite resistant composite wood.

Louvered Shutters

Perhaps the most traditional shutter style, louvered shutters can add charming, classic appeal to Cape Cod, Victorian, and other historic home styles.

Louvered shutters are fixed on the side of each window and open outward, like board-and-batten shutters, but instead, they are made of overlapping slats fitted into a frame. Before A/C, these shutters were used to welcome refreshing breezes into the home, and while you may rely on your A/C more these days, they're still excellent at temperature regulation.

Raised Panel Shutters

Raised panel shutters are a lovely addition to Colonial or Craftsman homes, but they can complement almost any home style. They are installed and operate just like louvered and board-and-batten shutters, but they are designed with two embossed rectangular sections on each shutter.

Raised panel shutters are beautiful, versatile, and can add dimension to your exterior, so they're a worthy investment for a boost in curb appeal. However, they don't offer storm protection or temperature regulation, so they are for looks only.

Mission Shutter

These shutters merge the traditional look of a Board and Batten shutter with a frame and panel, providing a fresh approach to exterior shutters.

The clean, well defined vertical lines will compliment your home and windows, while breaking the monotonous horizontal lines that you get on a traditional brick or siding house. This is definitely something to consider if you don't like the robust look of a Board and Batten shutter, but are put off by the sometimes "flat" look of a Raised Panel.

The Mission Panel style provides a very elegant look, breaking away from a traditional shutter design.

Shaker Shutters

These differ from the classical raised panel style as they make a less formal appearance on buildings. This shutter style acquired its name from the no frills, yet functional design standards of the Shaker religious community. The shutters rails, stiles and panels are fabricated square with no ornate profiles added.

This shutter type is an excellent choice for brick or stucco faced homes wanting to create a less formal appearance offered by classical raised panels and not as relaxed as board and batten.

Arched Shutters

If your property has arched windows and doors, arched shutters are a beautiful complement that can add undeniable curb appeal and a stately appearance to your home's façade. These shutters are fastened at each side of your window, and they swing open and closed like board-and-batten or louvered shutters.

These shutters aren't intended for storm protection, privacy, or security — but if you're looking to add gorgeous appeal to your home, these shutters should do the trick.

Style and durability! With these style choices, you can find the one that will match your needs and style. You can also have peace of mind that our shutters are made from a specially formulated rot, moisture, and termite resistant composite wood material.

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