Do you wish you could open your windows to let fresh air in your home without dealing with insects or debris coming inside because of holes in your window screens?

Whether the damaged screens are from trees, a pet, or something else, the good news is that this is an easy fix! And, with just a few tools and materials, you can be on your way to new-like screens in no time.

Items You'll Need

  • Box cutter
  • Screen spline tool
  • Screen spline (make sure the size is comparable to what is in your existing screens) (Note: if your existing screen spline is not stretched out, brittle, torn, etc., you may be able to reuse it again.)
  • Screen material (available at your local hardware store)

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Use the box cutter to remove the existing screen spline. Once that is out, take out the existing screen material as well.
  2. Cut a piece of new screen material that's a little bit bigger than your screen frame. Line the material up so it's even with the frame and straight.
  3. Start on one corner of the frame and, with your screen spline tool, begin rolling the screen spline into the groove that you pulled it out from. It may take a few times rolling over the spline to make sure it's down in the groove. (Note: The corners can be tricky, so make sure the spline gets in there at a 90 degree angle.)
  4. Once you have done two sides, it may be helpful to have a second set of hands. You'll want to pull the screen material tight when rolling the spline into sides three and four. (Note: You don't want to pull the screen material too tight to where it rips, but tight enough to where it's not loose and wavy.)
  5. One you get back to where you started, cut the spline with your box cutter and then roll over any excess.
  6. Finally, use your box cutter to cut off the excess screen material just above the spline.

That's it! A few simple steps and you should have a new screen ready to keep out any pesky bugs or debris.

And for those who are more visual learners, feel free to watch the video below for the re-screening process.

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