We get it—purchasing a new door, whether for your front entryway or back patio, is a considerable investment. If you're looking for creative ways to save money on your installation, the idea of completing the replacement yourself may have crossed your mind a time or two.

However, even if you're a capable handyman, we're here to share why installing your own replacement doors can compromise their long-lasting performance, efficiency, and security. Keep reading to discover the problems you can avoid when hiring a professional door contractor, like North Georgia Replacement Windows, to complete your door replacement instead.

Common Problems You May Experience from DIY Door Installation

1. Poor Security

Doors are the primary barrier between your family and the outside world. It's vital to ensure your doors are secure to keep burglars and other unwanted visitors from entering your home.

When installing your own doors, you may compromise their impact resistance, making your home an easy target for breaking and entering. Additionally, safety features like deadbolts, automatic locks, and security alarms must be correctly configured if you'd like them to work as they should, which usually requires the help of a professional contractor.

2. Uncomfortable Drafts

Doors should keep your home insulated, and if they're not correctly fitted to your home or use the wrong type of caulking or window tape, your home may become uncomfortably hot in the summer and chilly in the winter. Drafts can also cause your air conditioning unit and heater to work overtime, resulting in high energy bills.

Though you may initially save some money by installing doors on your own, the amount you'll pay in sky-high utility bills will slowly add up. It's wise to pay the professionals to install your doors from the beginning so that you can enjoy energy-efficient performance for decades.

3. Pest Intrusion

If your door is slightly crooked, it may offer an entryway for insects, rodents, and other pests to sneak into your home. When you invest in professional door installation, you can rest assured pesky critters will stay outside your home where they belong.

4. Damaged Door

Doors can be heavy to handle and difficult to maneuver. It's surprisingly easy to damage your brand-new door, the hinges, or the door frame during installation, especially if you're trying to complete the project on your own.

If you're trying to save money on installation, one of the worst things you can do is damage your new door, which may require purchasing a new one or investing in costly repairs. Expert installation is always worthwhile, especially when protecting your new investment from premature damage.

5. Moisture Penetration

There's nothing more reassuring than being safe and sound in your home during a rainstorm—unless your doors aren't securely installed on your home. Gaps between your door and frame can result in water leaks and moisture penetration, causing mold, mildew, and rot, and during powerful storms, even flooding.

If you want to ensure your doors keep your home warm and dry, hire a professional to install your doors with adequate insulation and weathertight features, like flashing.

6. Crooked Alignment

Your door must be aligned vertically (plumb) and horizontally (level) to work correctly.

When your door isn't level, the locking latch may not operate as it should, creating security concerns, and you may see gaps on the sides of the door, resulting in uncomfortable drafts. If your door isn't plumb, it may "stick" when you try to open and close it, develop squeaky or loose hinges, and can even lead to uneven flooring.

It's easy to see why a perfectly aligned door is crucial for optimal performance. Instead of second-guessing if your door is level, guarantee the right fit when working with a professional contractor.

7. Underlying Problems

Even if you have the skills to complete your installation on your own, you may be ill-equipped to handle the problems you discover after removing your existing door, like rot or mold growth. These issues should be addressed by a professional contractor to ensure they don't worsen, spread, or compromise the structural integrity of your new door.

If you install your new door on top of the damage, it won't be long before these problems manifest themselves again, requiring you to invest in professional repairs.

Learn more about getting the right new entry or patio door for your home in our "Exterior Door Guide for Homeowners."

Invest in Professional Door Installation with North Georgia Replacement Windows

It's easy to sidestep these problematic installation issues when you hire a professional contractor, like North Georgia Replacement Windows, to complete the job for you.

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