Windows that make you healthier isn’t something you often hear from a replacement window company. North Georgia Replacement Windows offers benefits beyond beauty and efficiency. The Infinity from Marvin windows are made from Ultrex® fiberglass– a material so strong and durable it is superior to other window materials. These windows are created for strength, beauty and improved living.  

How can my windows improve my living? 

Infinity fiberglass windows have exceedingly smaller frames than other replacement windows. The benefit of smaller frames is more natural light coming into your home and bigger and better views looking out. According to Sustainability Insight’s magazine article “Can Codes Require Windows?” there is evidence that daylight and quality views make the individuals inside of the home or building more productive as well as increasing their overall mental and physical health. Exposure to natural light improves the human health with increased supplies of vitamin D, a natural daylight clock which improves sleep, and positively impacts your overall mood and behavior. 

Our windows improve living while lowering energy bills 

Adding more light to your home doesn’t have to cost you more money. With Infinity windows, there is no stress about keeping the elements out or high energy bills. Ultrex® resists the cold, heat and all other environmental elements. Infinity products offer the highest level of performance and are virtually maintenance free. Infinity fiberglass windows give you the option to bring in more sunlight and feel better all-around while saving money on energy bills.

Have you considered the impact your windows have on your health? North Georgia Replacement Windows is here to make living in your home and working in offices more beneficial to you and those around you. Contact us today for a free proposal!