Water damage was one of the factors that led this Atlanta resident to come to North Georgia Replacement Windows seeking a solution for her window problem.

Maintaining the look and aesthetics of her home was an important requirement for the replacement project. As a homeowner, you want your replacement windows and/or doors to look like they've always belonged on your home.

"We at North Georgia Replacement Windows pay special attention to the aesthetic aspect of the window replacement process. We desire to complement the architecture of your home and upgrade the curb appeal while keeping the traditional look." - Kevin Fidati

Every window and door we provide is custom made for each replacement project. Whether it is a traditional double-hung window on the first floor or, in this particular case, cathedral windows measuring over 9 feet tall.

In order to get a precision fit, templates were made and sent to the manufacturer. In turn, the manufacturer provided a second template to ensure these custom arched windows would be made the proper size.

Just as much detail went into the installation as the ordering of these windows. With their second-story placement and faux-balcony exterior, getting the windows into position took some ingenuity, skill, and careful handling.

Today, her home looks the same, without the water damage of course! And this homeowner can feel confident knowing she invested in her home with new windows that will maintain her home's curb appeal, backed by a company whose Lifetime Service Warranty provides peace of mind for years to come.

NGRW replaced the center cathedral window.

Size, shape, location - your replacement project is unique to your home, and we would love to help you get started today! Give us a call to schedule your free consultation today.