As homeowners, we sometimes take our windows for granted. If the glass isn’t broken, we tend to feel they are working fine. But the fact is, older windows don’t have to be broken to be costing you considerable money all year long.

It all comes down to energy efficiency – the #1 reason people replace their windows. Nearly half of your home’s annual energy budget is spent on heating and cooling. So unless your windows are truly energy efficient, they can be critical points of heating and cooling loss.

Many people wait until their windows become drafty, show signs of rotting, or have moisture in between the glass panes due to seal failure. They then spend money on costly repairs that can be eliminated forever with replacement windows.

Replacement windows transform the extraordinary insulating power of PVC vinyl construction into fusion-welded frames and sashes that provide strength, durability and years of outstanding performance.

Another important point; the majority of homes built prior to 2004 do not have Low E insulated windows. Also, unlike advanced replacement window technology, most builders do not use inert gas insulation in between panes because it is not required by building codes. Having gas insulation between the panes provides much greater insulation over just dead air space.

So make the smart choice – energy efficient replacement windows are a wise investment that will help keep you comfortable all year long while saving on utility costs. Plus, their rugged construction delivers long-term performance and maintenance free enjoyment that is unmatched.