If you are considering purchasing replacement windows, it’s important to know that there is a wide range of product quality to choose from. Different companies
work with different window manufacturers as well as with different levels of craftsmanship, installation techniques, and pricing.

So what are key things to look for in choosing the best replacement windows for your money?

Since replacement windows are 85% glass, glass technology is extremely important. The type of insulating glass you choose can mean a big difference in energy efficiency, condensation reduction, and protection from seal failure. Most consumers aren’t aware that there are 6-10 different seal systems available in the marketplace ⎯ so be picky!

In Georgia, anyone replacing old wood or aluminum windows should consider maintenance free options such as new PVC resin vinyl, milled PVC or wood with aluminum clad exterior due to the humidity and vast climate changes. Maintenance free windows are a smart investment because they require no painting, are easy to clean, and won’t rot ⎯ all great features that save you time and money.

Many consumers think that replacement windows are one look, one size fits all. In reality, many decorative and design options are available with replacement windows. Make sure you work with a company that offers the best selection, including custom looks that can match your homes individual style perfectly.

A comprehensive warranty is also important. It’s always best to get the manufacturer’s warranty rather than a “private labeled” window warranty. The best warranty is one that is “Lifetime” and “Transferable” to the next owner.

Finally, independent certification and ratings on windows also help consumers know how well their windows will perform. Ask replacement window companies that you talk about their products’ ratings. For instance, an Energy Star rating means that the product meets a nationally certified energy performance level.

Take these prudent steps and you’re sure to end up with replacement windows that deliver the value, beauty and investment quality you’re looking for.

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