No matter what the weather is doing you can enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Having to choose between being outside or inside just got a lot easier.

For example, have you ever wanted your living room to look like a scene from the jungle or beach? Though it might seem impossible, with the right layout and products, it can be accomplished.

It is called biophilic design, and it is not as intimidating or complex as the name may suggest. It simply means to bring the natural world into the unnatural world such as your home.

While you may not be able to bring the actual jungle or beach into your home, you can still bring a little piece of nature inside with you. There is a sense of peace and relaxation nature can bring to you, so why not have that in your living room or kitchen?

There are many benefits to being outside:

·Fresh air


·Natural light

And one of the ways to help incorporate these elements on the inside of your home is through the use of windows and doors. This allows the exterior benefits to transfer to your home's interior, which is exactly what a biophilic design is meant to do!

The amount of natural light can greatly change a room. Rooms with little to no natural light can be very dull and stagnant. Have you ever noticed how much your bedroom or kitchen changed by just allowing more light inside? It is truly amazing what more natural light can do for a room!

While light from outside can dramatically change a room, it will probably not change a whole lot if the window or door is poor quality.

Did you know that not all windows and doors are the same? It is not a "one size fits all." In fact, this approach to window replacement can often be a hindrance in transforming a regular room in your home to a room you actually want to spend time in.

 Marvin fiberglass windows and doors

The Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows and doors do exactly that.

Due to the strength of the fiberglass material, the frames are thinner and the glass space bigger. This translates into more natural light coming into your home, while also expanding your view of the exterior environment surrounding your home.

The Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows and doors provide the ability to bring the beautiful views and natural light from outside into your home without some of the less desirable aspects like UV radiation.

Stop wishing you could have more light and better views and make it a reality!

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