When thinking about upgrades to your home, you might focus on cosmetic changes: a fresh coat of paint, updated interior design, maybe some new curtains. The window dressings may excite you, but don't forget about the importance of the windows themselves. If the eyes to your home are 30 years old, they have likely fulfilled their service and may need replacing in the near future.

You might browse some stores frequently, but literal window shopping isn't an everyday experience. Your double-paned windows might have served you well the past 20 years. Well-maintained and frequently cleaned windows will wear well over time, but after a couple of decades, you should start evaluating the condition of your windows. For example, you see warping or rot in your window frames, moisture has likely seeped into unwanted places, and you're due for a window replacement. If your existing windows are not energy efficient, you can save an average of 8% - 31% on annual heating and cooling costs in Georgia according to Energy Star.

Replacement windows are made to fit inside your existing window frames and typically be installed without disturbing your existing siding, window trim, or flashing system. That means you have many options for customization, and you might not know where to start.

What to Know About Window Replacements

If you check the condition of your existing windows and decide it's time for a replacement, you might want the answers to a few basic questions:

Knowing a few basics about home window replacements can get you started in the right direction when it comes to shopping for window replacements. These are our five tips for making smart choices:

1. You may want to replace multiple windows together

Because they are an investment, it's nice to know that you can break your project up into phases. At Infinity from Marvin by North Georgia Replacement Windows, there is a price lock guarantee. This means you can move forward with as few or as many windows as you want, and then you are locked into that price moving forward. However, replacing all or most of the home's windows at the same time does hold some distinct advantages. For one, this approach lends itself to the creation of more cohesive aesthetics throughout the home. It's also a great way to boost the home's energy efficiency in one fell swoop. If you've got new windows on the front of the home but are losing energy on your drafty windows in the back, it's harder to see those savings. Additionally, many companies will offer special discounts and rates for customers who undertake larger projects with more windows. If you have the necessary financial flexibility or financing to accomplish a bigger project, you might prefer the mass-replacement route over a more piecemeal approach.

2. You can plan to recoup most of the window replacement cost

Even if the initial window replacement cost seems high, you'll get a return on your investment when you sell the house. Consider this: In the U.S., the average cost of replacing all a home's windows is between $19,000 - $23,000, according to Remodeling Magazine's 2021 Cost vs. Value report. The same report found that new windows will add nearly $13,000 - $14,000 to the home's value upon resale for an ROI of 63-67%. This doesn't even consider the energy savings, maintenance and painting savings, and greater comfort. In a similar vein, energy-efficient upgrades to your windows might entitle you to a 10% tax credit up to $200 at tax time if you file an IRS Residential Energy Credits Form 5695.

3. You should think about frame materials and numbers of panes

Even though you won't find custom replacement windows at a home improvement store, that doesn't mean you can't do some window shopping. There are so many options when it comes to windows that it is smart to be educated and do your research. Perhaps the first factor you should consider is the material the window frames are made out of. Wood offers a nice, traditional aesthetic; however, there are maintenance factors involved such as painting and the possibility of wood rot. Vinyl windows can save you money upon the initial purchase, yet you may be sacrificing on aesthetics with thicker frames. Plus, the likelihood of future service issues - such as seal failure or warping - increase with vinyl windows. Aluminum frames, while durable, likely will not perform as well for you in the Georgia heat. Although fiberglass replacement windows are more of an investment, you are doing just that - investing in your home. You are also gaining the look of a traditional wood window without the maintenance involved. In addition to the frame material, you'll want to think through how many panes of glass you want your windows to have. While a double-paned window is standard, you might want to look into laminated or STC glass if you live in a loud location, such as near an airport or highway or in a busy district that attracts revelers.

4. You can have windows installed in just a day or two

If you're wondering how long it takes to complete a home window replacement project, don't fret. You can get your windows installed in just a day or two - depending upon how many you are replacing - because a typical individual window replacement takes about an hour by a professional window installer. If a window installation company has come to your house for an in-home proposal and taken careful measurements of your windows, all should run smoothly when it's time for your windows to be installed. Keep in mind that the longest part of any window replacement project is going to be the lead time to custom manufacturer your windows.

5. You'll learn the most from a project consultation

To get the full picture of your project, it is best to meet with window replacement professionals who can go over all of the options involved in a window replacement project, including frame color, grid patterns, glass types, and more! You'll want to be educated so you are making a smart decision and be able to thoughtfully compare the proposals. Once you've decided on a plan, a window dealer can order your custom windows and you can plan for installation.

If you're ready for an in-home proposal for a window replacement that will answer all your questions, contact us today!