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Enhancing Comfort and Elegance with Window and Door Replacements for Duluth Home

Overcoming Window Challenges for a Duluth, GA Homeowner

Location: Duluth, GA

Renovations: Window Replacement; Door Replacement

Duluth, GA home with beautiful windows installed by North Georgia Replacement Windows
Beautiful Windows on a Duluth, GA Home

A couple who lived in an exquisite gated Country Club community in Duluth, Georgia faced a common dilemma - aging windows and doors that were compromising their comfort and aesthetic.

The homeowners previously had removable grids on their windows, but this decision led to ongoing frustrations. Foggy glass caused by seal failure and warped swiggle spacers had become an unwelcome sight throughout their residence. Seeking a solution that would bring lasting clarity and appeal, they turned to North Georgia Replacement Windows.

Our design consultant had established a wonderful rapport with the homeowners, who were not only impressed by our expertise but also by the shared connection through the local Jazzercise community. When the time came for a window replacement, they knew precisely who to trust with their project.

Foyer of Duluth, GA home with windows installed by North Georgia Replacement Windows

Designing a Tailor-Made Solution

Our design consultant met with the homeowners to discuss a variety of window considerations. Together, they delved into the choice between SDL and GBG grids, determining whether grids would be placed solely on the front of the house or omitted altogether.

They also discussed the time required to complete the project and considered the ideal hardware and finishes. To ensure compliance with the strict regulations of the local HOA, our consultant proactively obtained approval even before the meeting concluded, putting the homeowners at ease.

Replacing 74 Windows and 4 Patio Doors

To address their concerns and bring their vision to life, our team replaced 74 windows and 4 patio doors within their residence. Outdated and deteriorating wooden windows made way for the superior durability of Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows.

The project included the installation of various window types, including round tops, picture windows, and double hung windows. Our attention to detail extended to patio doors, adding a touch of elegance that seamlessly integrated with the homeowners' lifestyle. By removing grid patterns from the windows and doors, we allowed an abundance of natural light to flow, expanding the view of their stunning property.

Reveling in Comfort and Curb Appeal

The homeowners were left with extraordinary results and can enjoy the fresh and comfortable appearance of their updated house. With every room now offering breathtaking outdoor vistas, they can enjoy both the views and the energy-efficiency their new windows and doors provide.

At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we take pride in crafting exceptional solutions for homeowners like ours in Duluth, Georgia. By partnering with us, you gain not only a committed team but also a personalized experience that prioritizes your needs and respects your home. Let us guide you on your own transformation journey, one window at a time!

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