Why will my window sash not raise or lower?
Why will my window sash not go back properly into the tracks?

These are common questions we get from homeowners, typically after they have been tilting their window sashes in for cleaning purposes.

The good news is - there is a quick, DIY fix that you can often take care of yourself within a couple of minutes.

Ways a window sash comes out of place

There are typically two ways that a sash comes out of its track, or what is referred to as the balance:

  1. If the window is not raised 4-6 inches before tilting the sash in, this can cause the sash to come out of the balance.
  2. When tilting a window sash in to clean, it isn't tilted at a 90 degree angle.

You can tell the window sash is not in the balance properly when you go to close it. It will typically not lower all the way, or it won't stay in its place when open - it may gradually drop.

How to put the sash back in place

Here is a step-by-step guide to put your window sash back in place and ensure it's operating properly:

  1. Tilt the sash at a 90 degree angle and remove the sash from the window
  2. You'll typically see that the window balance shoes are not evenly lined up with one another. (The window balance shoes are what is used to hold the sash into the frames and allows them tilt in. On an Infinity from Marvin window, the balance shoes look like little 'U-shaped' pieces within the tracks of the frame.)
  3. Get a flathead screwdriver and insert into one of the balance shoes, turning it counterclockwise towards you 90 degrees. Raise or lower the shoe so it's evenly lined up with the balance shoe directly opposite of it. WARNING: There is a lot of pressure on these balances because they are spring-loaded and can snap up on you. Be careful and use both hands.
  4. Once evenly aligned, turn the balance shoe back clockwise 90 degrees to where the U-shape is facing upwards.
  5. Place your sash back into the shoes by going in at a slight angle, sliding the window sash pins into the balance shoes. Give a little tap on each corner of the sash to make sure the sash pins are in the balance shoe properly.
  6. Tilt the sash up, engage the lock, and your sash should be properly working again!

For those who are more visually inclined, watch as David shows you how simple this DIY fix can be.

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