As the leaves begin to turn and the crisp fall air rolls in, it’s the perfect time to turn off the AC and open your windows for a fresh, cool breeze. This means it’s also time to pay attention to an often overlooked part of your home: your window screens. It’s easy to forget about them until you have a problem, but old or damaged window screens can cause a host of issues.

Want to enjoy the fresh fall air? Keep reading to learn how to spot the signs of a deteriorating screen and get the details on the high-quality replacement screen options available today.

When to Replace Your Window Screens

If you’ve ever had a broken screen, you’ll remember the problems it caused. Of course, you don’t want bees and lizards in your home, but pests and dirty air are just the beginning of the list of issues that come from a broken, damaged or dirty window screen.

A variety of factors can cause a screen to break or deteriorate. You’ll notice quickly if pets, children or objects have caused dents or rips. Constant exposure to extreme temperatures and sunlight will inevitably make your screens more brittle and weak over time. You may also notice your screen warping or sagging due to poor fitting or age.

All Window Screens Are Not Created Equal

If you notice these signs of damage, it’s time to replace your screens. To avoid the inconvenience of frequent replacement, invest in a better-quality screen. High-quality mesh will deteriorate at a slower rate, while a sturdy, well-installed frame will keep screens from sagging. Additionally, a durable model will withstand more debris from the outside, any possible denting and will break less often. These factors will save you time and money.

Understand Your Options

North Georgia Replacement Windows installs Infinity from Marvin screens, which are the highest-quality screens available, from mesh to frame. All the Infinity from Marvin Double Hung windows offer standard transparency, durable, extruded aluminum-surround full or half screens with fiberglass mesh. They also offer the opportunity to upgrade to the Infinity Replacement Double Hung to a high-transparency screen with finer mesh.

High-transparency screens are a great option, as they increase both visibility and curb appeal. You’ll see perfectly from inside your home, and they’re virtually invisible from the outside, letting your windows shine through. Upgraded screens have more air flow, and the holes in the screen are smaller, so they’re more impervious to insects. If you do not open your windows very often and do not want a screen, we can deduct the screen price from your order.

Finally, remember that a professional Window replacement ensures screens fit perfectly to each window, avoiding warping or sagging over time. With a high-quality, well-installed window and screen, you can feel confident opening your windows and enjoying the invigorating fall air.

If you think you might need new windows with better screens, contact the experienced and highly trained professionals at North Georgia Replacement Windows.