In our many years as a North Georgia window company, we know that replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient replacement windows gives you a better return on your investment compared to other replacement projects. How do you make sure you choose the right type of windows for your kitchen renovation project? Read on to find out.

Window Style

Most kitchens have windows over the sink or counters that may be quite difficult to reach. Installing an awning window is one option that will make opening a window in your newly remodeled kitchen a breeze. Awning windows can be easily cranked out toward the exterior. This makes them great for ventilation - a must for hot kitchens, especially during the summer months. Casement or sliding windows are also excellent options for hard-to-reach areas in the kitchen.

Make sure your replacement windows complement the kitchen renovations you're planning. An eclectic style of decorating can work, but only if the style elements you choose do not violently clash with one another. Here at North Georgia Replacement Windows, we have a wide variety of window sizes, colors, styles and materials from which to choose. No matter what decor you prefer - traditional or modern, bohemian or art deco - we have the windows to match your style.

Window Material

As the heart of any home, the kitchen is a high-traffic area. Any windows you install in your kitchen have to stand up to daily wear and tear. They also have to put up with moisture as there is almost always something boiling, cooking, steaming or being washedin any ordinary kitchen.

Be sure to study the different characteristics of the window material you're considering and make sure its regular maintenance and care are compatible with your lifestyle. For example, there is no doubt that wood windows would make a beautiful addition to your new kitchen, but they typically require a lot of careful cleaning and up-keep.

If you have little children, two demanding careers or travel often for days at a time for work or leisure, you should opt for a window material that's easy to maintain and keep clean. Consider installing fiberglass windows instead. They're extremely durable, energy-efficient and often require no more than a quick wipe-down to maintain.

Choosing the best windows for your home can be a daunting decision. Let us help. As professional replacement window installers, we can guide you in making the ideal window choices for your home. Call today us for a free estimate.