There are many reasons to install new replacement windows in your home, some of which are more obvious than others. Increased energy efficiency, enhanced comfort, lower utility bills, and greater aesthetic appeal are the main ones people think of, but did you know that some types of windows are also better at promoting airflow than others? This is not just a matter of relaxation, but also safety.

Houses that are subjected to excessive moisture naturally become breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and many other unwanted contaminants. Indoor air quality can also suffer significantly as a result, so it is imperative to install windows that maximize the breathability factor in areas where the potential for extreme humidity levels is high, particularly bathrooms and kitchens. Casement windows have traditionally been the top selection in this regard, but awning models are just as effective for air flow promotion.

Add an Awning Window for Improved Air Flow

You can determine how well a window will fare in the air flow department by taking a close look at its opening system. Awning windows feature a hinged opening mechanism and swing upward and outward. It does not take long to recognize the advantages of this window style, especially for keeping the elements and debris out while allowing air to move freely indoors.

Although the sales of awning replacement windows saw a marked drop after the mid-20th century, homeowners today have begun to appreciate once more the sheer circulation benefits they offer. The best thing by far is the fact that you have full control over how much air is allowed to enter your home. A simple adjustment of the hinge will increase or decrease the amount of breeze caught by the window.

On hot days or when you need to reduce moisture, you can open the awning fully, meaning you get the dual benefit of comfort and functionality. Unlike competing window styles, these open from the bottom, so you can even use them on rainy days without worrying about letting water inside. North Georgia Windows carries a large selection of awning window models, so feel free to stop by!

Image Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons