There are several factors to consider when deciding on the best windows for your home. As a seasoned Atlanta replacement window company, we know the choices available on the market today are enough to baffle many homeowners. Below is a description of two basic types of windows and the advantages and disadvantages that both present.

Single-Hung Windows

The top sash on a single-hung window is fixed in place. The bottom half, however, is operable. It can tilt in and move up and down. If you live in a dusty area, on or near a busy street, the inoperable top sash of a single-hung window can minimize the amount of dust and noise that infiltrates your house to a significant degree. Should you choose to do so, keeping the lower half of the window open still allows a fair amount of air to enter and circulate in the room.

However, cleaning the inoperable sash of a single-hung window that is located on the second floor or higher can be challenging. You have to reach out of the bottom half of the window or lean a tall-enough ladder against the side of your house to clean the exterior window panes.

Double-Hung Windows

Both the top and bottom sashes on a double-hung window are fully operable. They move up and down and also tilt in. As you can imagine, this makes them a cinch to clean whether the windows are on the ground level or the higher floors of your home.

As with single-hung windows, double-hung widows have a limited size range (typically only up to 48 inches in width). For larger window openings, you may want to consider other window types, such as picture or bay windows.

Energy Efficiency

Since they are very much alike, choosing between single- or double-hung windows is really a matter of taste, lifestyle and cost considerations. However, no matter what type of window you opt for, be sure to select windows that meet the energy performance criteria set by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Products that meet the standards set by these two federal agencies are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, which helps out both Mother Earth and your wallet.

You can depend on us for top-quality single- or double-hung replacement windows in Atlanta. We can also install a sliding glass door in your home as well as fiberglass, wood clad, or wrought iron entry doors. We have the experience and expertise to install any type of window or door for your home. Call us today for a full list of the services we offer.