Maintenance freedom is as big of a reason, if not the biggest reason, to consider a window replacement project.  We bring this up because of the replacement window industry coming under fire recently from many “Energy Conservation Experts.”  Rightfully so, window replacement companies should be honest and forthright regarding realistic energy savings and let you know it probably won’t be 50% like some replacement window companies claim…unless you didn’t have windows to start with!

Many experts in the energy conservation field often discourage window replacement as an effective way to earn a return on your investment.  This is simply because energy auditors and such are only considering the return of the project on one dimension—energy savings.

However, I challenge the energy auditors, and especially home and office owners, to consider a replacement window project for the real return(s) on your investment when the right window is used and a reputable company like North Georgia Replacement Windows does the work.

  1. Freedom from costly wood rot repair and costly painting maintenance.  Painting windows and trim is the most tedious and expensive part of painting jobs that you can eliminate with our windows.
  2. Lower utility bills and stress reduction on your HVAC units, which prolongs the life of your system.
  3. Increased comfort in a room from radiant heat off the sun and drafts from cold winds.
  4. Sound reduction from outside sources and condensation resistance that lead to mold, mildew and other health concerns, and structural damage from water.
  5. U.V. Protection from fading your painted walls, flooring, window treatments and household furnishings.
  6. Easy and safe cleaning from the interior of your home.  One fall from a ladder could be dangerous or even fatal.
  7. Enhanced views and security with new glass, screen and style options.
  8. New windows open and close easier for better ventilation and in case you needed to escape because of a fire or other emergency.
  9. You’re investing in an appreciating asset instead of a depreciating asset like a car.
  10. Add instant value for resell and curb appeal to your home to help you sell quicker and pass along a warranty to new owners.

When you replace your windows, you improve your home, both on the interior and exterior, and there are not many home improvement projects you can say that about.  So if you’ve had a quality window replacement project, you should feel good about your decision, no matter what the energy experts are telling you.  If you haven’t replaced your windows yet, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of North Georgia Replacement Windows’ value prices and special financing options with approved credit.  It’s time to start earning your return on your investment and become the envy of your neighborhood with new replacement windows.