Is it Time to Replace Your Home’s Entry Doors?

Dysfunctional doors require immediate attention, and some issues can be resolved with simple repairs. Replacement screws are easy enough to find at the local hardware store, new weather-stripping can prevent moisture, debris, and pests from coming inside, and doors that don’t open and close correctly can sometimes be fixed by realigning the hinges, strike plate, or latch.

Beyond screws, finding hardware can be tricky or impossible if you aren’t sure which manufacturer made the door, and, many times, problematic doors need to be completely replaced.

So, how do you know if a door needs complete replacement?

You should seriously consider totally replacing your door if…

After alignment, it still won’t open, close, or lock securely. When your doors don’t close securely, your family is at risk for home invasion. It if doesn’t open quickly and easily, you and your family could be trapped during an emergency.

The frame/door is rotten or broken. Repairs to rotten structures are difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Even if you do get the frame repaired, future repairs and problems are inevitable.

Your energy bills are high. Replacing old doors with new, energy-efficient doors will reduce your heating and cooling bills.  A new door with proper weatherstripping will also cut down on air infiltration and make you more comfortable inside your home.

The furniture and flooring around the door are sun-bleached. When unfiltered sunlight streams in, it can damage fabrics and flooring by fading the color and can increase the overall temperature of your home.

You want to give your home a makeover.  The first thing people see when they come over is the front door, and enhancing your home’s curb appeal can increase your return investment if you plan on selling it in the future.

Once you’ve decided to replace a door in your home, the fun really starts! The door you choose says a lot about your family and can increase your curb-appeal in minutes.

At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we offer a huge variety of custom door options ranging from modern sliding glass doors to durable, insulated fiberglass doors that resist warping, rust, dents, and water damage. We even offer unique wrought-iron doors that are hand-forged in Mexico and provide a variety of glass and finish options.

As you design the perfect door for your home, here are a few final considerations:


You may be inclined to stick with a standard size, but larger homes can accommodate larger doors. And, if you’re the proud owner of a room with a view, show it off with large panels of glass or a double door that opens wide for entertaining!


Arched doorways are gaining popularity and are a fantastic way to instantly change the aesthetic of your home. Cool, modern designs as well as more traditional ones are available.


Selecting a color for your front door is often determined by your home’s aesthetics and decor.  But sometimes that’s the one area that people want to add a pop of color.  And, whether you realize it or not, studies have shown that there is power in color and that certain shades evoke different meanings and emotions.  Studies show that people with black doors are most successful, while white doors imply virtue and purity—blue ones, abundance and prosperity—and green ones, harmony and compassion. In Scotland, painting your door red means you’ve paid off your mortgage, while Americans living in the 1800’s recognized homes with red doors as places where they would be welcome to stop and rest for the night.  So whether you’re looking to create a certain feeling or send a certain message, we can help you with all your color needs!

Simply call or email us for a free proposal, and let us take care of the rest!