Bay window with beige walls and wood floors

Bay windows have been around for a long time. During the 15th century, bay windows became popular to bring in more sunshine and illuminate dark manor houses in the Gothic and Tudor periods. In the 19th century, they made a comeback in single-family homes and apartment buildings to lend a more spacious feel to a room and to welcome more natural light. Not to mention, bay windows provide an extra space to sit and gaze out the window or grow an indoor garden. Since then, bay windows haven't lost their appeal. They are coveted by homeowners today who crave natural light and a striking architectural element that bay window decor bestows. Here's some bay window decorating ideas to inspire your creativity.

How to decorate a bay window

Whether it's in your living room, dining room, or master bedroom, a bay window provides a beautiful architectural focal point. When you have a beautiful view of a lush landscape or a pretty tree-lined street, the only bay window decor needed may be a simple pattern on the window that accentuates the view while providing an appealing architectural interest. You can achieve this by adding simulated divided lite bars to the outside of each window. These simulated divided lite bars come in different patterns such as cottage, prairie, or check rail style. Choose a pattern that replicates your existing windows or give your bay window decor the wow factor by choosing something different that stands apart from your other windows.

Don't forget to consider the interior and exterior trim and hardware when choosing bay window ideas. A variety of finishes are available for the fiberglass on the bay window's exterior frame to compliment your home's color or style. Inside, choose from easy-to-care-for acrylic finishes or a stainable engineered wood grain finish to blend seamlessly with your existing decor.

Finally, for a finishing touch, don't neglect the hardware. A variety of finishes including a traditional white, classic satin nickel, or a modern matte black, or a modern matte black help complement, to complement existing hardware in the same room or nearby light fixtures.

How to hang curtains in a bay window

When it comes to bay window decorating ideas, curtains, blinds, and shutters might be your first go-to for bay window treatments because you can control the lighting and privacy. Curtains can be hung on individual curtain rods or a continuous rod fitted for inside the bay window. Blinds and shutters are typically installed on each of the windows.

In addition to bay window treatments, decorative glass options are another way to control both light and privacy for spaces that call for natural sunlight. Decorative glass performs a dual purpose by combining privacy and visual interest to make a beautiful statement. It comes in a variety of pretty options such as "frost," "narrow reed," "obscure," and "rain." One thing you don't have to worry about when it comes to bay window decorating ideas is buying window treatments that also serve to keep out chilly drafts in the winter or scorching heat in the summer. Bay windows with low-emissivity Low-E coatings can cut down on energy loss by as much as 30% to 50%, so you don't have to close the curtains on your beautiful bay window to feel more comfortable.

How to decorate a bay window ledge

Bay window decorating ideas are only limited by your imagination. While that seems a fun perspective, imagining bay window decor for the window ledge can also be a daunting one. Here's a few suggestions to spark your imagination to create the perfect bay window ledge in your home.

  • Create a cozy reading nook: Boost the cozy factor of a charming window seat by adding an insulated seat board. Add an extra layer of comfort with a window seat cushion and some decorative pillows.
  • Enhance the focal point: Draw the eyes to the bay window and ledge by flanking the furniture on either side of the window or position the furniture to face the window. Position sun-loving plants in pots of various sizes and shapes on the ledge and create further visual impact by either hanging a plant with draping leaves on one of the side windows or by placing a tall potted plant on one side.
  • Frame the view: When the view outside a bay window is a spectacular landscape or lake view, for example, bold curtains and valances act as a life-size frame to draw the eye toward the window. Place items on the ledge that complement, not compete with the view. For example, a low-profile sailboat for a lakeside view or a long rectangular planter for a sweeping landscape, (or instead of framing the view, you can frame your windows themselves with contrasting colors like black window frames).
  • Showcase collections: The window ledge serves as a vibrant backdrop for bay window decor that complements the room's function. For example, a collection of cups and saucers for a kitchen, cherished family photos for a living room, or lovely apothecary jars for a bathroom. Display the items in various sizes and heights. Remember, odd numbers are more eye-appealing than even numbers.
If you are considering adding or replacing a bay window to your home, contact your local window experts at North Georgia Replacement Windows and accentuate your home with beautiful bay windows.