Buying a home is a big investment for most people. Over time, you’ll want the property to increase in value to get a profitable return on investment, especially if you’ve hired a contractor to do home improvement projects and upgrades.

Upgrading, replacing or installing specific items is the first step to adding value to your home. Several areas to consider that will have a positive impact on your investment include window upgrades, door replacements, the addition of decorative shutters, insulation and storage space.

Replacing Windows

New windows make a visual statement of elegance and beauty, and when it comes to increasing your home’s equity, replacing windows is a positive option. Choosing energy-efficient windows that are durable, maintain structural integrity and are environmentally friendly, consider the many styles available from our inventory of Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows. Our window selections have been vigorously tested, maintain their finish, are structurally sound and carry a lifetime warranty.

Decorative Doors

One of the prominent items on a home’s exterior is the front or entry door. A well-made and properly installed decorative door made of wood, fiberglass, iron, or glass makes a positive first impression on guests. Choosing an energy-efficient replacement door that is installed and sealed correctly complement’s your home’s architectural design and increases property value.

Shutters Add Curb Appeal

Shutters are traditional decorative additions to your windows that blend with the exterior architecture and compliment the look of the home. Some shutters are operational, such as louvered shutters equipped with slats that can be opened or closed. Shutters may feature side hinges or have hinges installed at the top of the window, like those in Bahama shutters. Traditional shutters offer curb appeal while operational-style shutters offer privacy, security and window protection. Available in multiple styles, colors, finishes and materials, shutters also require low maintenance, making them a sensible addition to your home.

Insulation Saves Energy

Whether you choose blown-in, spray or thermal reflective insulation, adding insulation is an investment in energy savings that will pay you back each month. You’ll save some money, the interior of your home will be more comfortable and there will be less wear and tear on your HVAC system.

More Storage Space

No matter how many closets your home has, there’s always a need for more storage space. Consider turning unused nooks or crannies into closets or shelved storage rooms, which adds value to your home. You’ll enjoy a return on investment by adding more convenient storage areas, utilizing empty space to its fullest potential and freeing up congested closets or attics. Ample storage space is also an attractive selling point should you choose to sell your home.

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