As sure as the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, new innovations in construction and home decor will continue to redefine luxury and what we view as necessary for residential properties. From smart speakers and self-flushing toilets to engineered vinyl plank flooring and tankless water heaters, homeowners have no shortage of gadgetry to tap into.

Another noteworthy innovation in construction has been the emergence of fiberglass windows. Fiberglass replacement windows are often a solid choice for homeowners who are looking to upgrade the efficiency and durability of their windows. Fiberglass windows are stronger than their vinyl counterparts and require much less maintenance than traditional wood.

So are fiberglass replacement windows a good option for your home? Let's address the most frequently asked questions about fiberglass windows to see whether they should be taken under consideration when you're looking to improve the life and look of your home's windows.

The Many Benefits of Fiberglass Replacement Windows

There are a lot of reasons to like fiberglass windows. For one, fiberglass is easy to maintain. It doesn't swell and shrink in different climates as wood does, and fiberglass doesn't break down as easily as vinyl. As a material, fiberglass is lighter than wood and can come custom-made in a wide range of colors, sizes, and coatings. Capability coupled with cost — usually less than the price of aluminum-clad wood windows — make fiberglass replacement windows an incredibly enticing option.

Are fiberglass windows best? Here, we answer some basic FAQs so you can decide whether fiberglass replacement windows make sense for your home.

How much do fiberglass windows cost? As previously mentioned, (replacement fiberglass windows) are a great investment — not quite as low-priced as vinyl, but often less than wood-clad and more durable than both, which compounds the savings. A standard 2'8 x 4'6-foot fiberglass window typically has a price tag starting in the $1,000 range installed.

Can fiberglass windows be painted? Absolutely. You can select your color of choice prior to manufacture, or you can apply your favorite color after installation. If they aren't available in the color you like or you're undergoing a remodel, simply apply a coat of paint as you would with wood when you want to refinish your fiberglass replacement windows.

How do you clean fiberglass windows? It's important to remember to be gentle when cleaning and caring for your windows, no matter the material. Never use power washers or harsh chemicals, which can permanently damage the window and compromise its integrity. Use mild soap and water with a sponge to clean the window before wiping dry with a soft cloth when you clean both the window and fiberglass windows screens. For detailed care and maintenance and a list of approved cleaners, it's best to check with the window manufacturer.

How long do fiberglass windows last? Fiberglass as a material resists UV rays naturally, so longevity isn't an issue when it comes to these types of windows. If you add a UV coating to your fiberglass replacement windows, they'll easily last 20 years — and often over 50 years. Because fiberglass is the most durable window option on the market, they don't chip or dent as easily as other materials and have the lowest seal-failure rate compared with other options. This is, in part, due to the glass and frame both being made from the same raw material; therefore, they expand and contract at the same rate and work together better.

How energy-efficient are fiberglass windows? The sheer durability of fiberglass windows is what makes it an extremely energy-efficient option. These windows are built to withstand intense heat and brutal cold. In fact, fiberglass resists heat, which helps your home stay cool in summer and comfortable in winter. You'll definitely notice a nice difference in your home's utility bills when you choose (energy efficient) fiberglass windows.

Are Fiberglass Windows the Best? As you can tell, fiberglass replacement windows are a tremendous option for many reasons. They are impervious to water and therefore do not rot, shrink, swell, or corrode. Extreme swings in weather do not cause fiberglass windows to sag, warp, or expand. The strength of fiberglass allows for more glass and less frame, and they can resist tropical-storm-caliber winds.

North Georgia Replacement Windows proudly offers Infinity from Marvin fiberglass replacement windows, which are eight times stronger than — and expand 87% less than — vinyl window options. We feature an impressive lineup of fiberglass window styles, from bow and bay to awning and casement windows. All of our "Infinity from Marvin" fiberglass replacement windows come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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