Your entry door is the focal point for anyone visiting your home, so you want it to always look its best. If the door is warped, doesn’t open or close properly or is damaged, that first impression reflects on the rest of your home. But replacement doors can turn homes with poor curbside appeal into showstoppers, so check your door for the following signs that it might be time for a replacement.

Door Sticks or Jams

A door that sticks, jams or scrapes against the frame whenever you open or close it is only going to become more difficult to use over time. Problems with opening and closing a wooden door are signs that the door, the frame or both may have warped. Warped wood worsens with age, and the best solution is a replacement door.

Water Damage

Water damage shows up as stains on the door surface, and a water-damaged door may also become warped, swollen or begin to rot. The effect is permanent, and a new door is required.

Broken or Sagging Hinges

If entry door hinges are broken or cause the door to hang poorly in its frame, they affect its structural strength. Sometimes it’s possible to fix the problem, but if not, it’s time for another door.

Poorly Fitting or Broken Locks

Security is a priority when it comes to an entry door. Replacement doors with new, secure locks are often the only option if your entry door locks are old, badly fitted, broken or ineffective.

Insect Damage

Insects can infest wooden doors, leaving them unsightly and a source of infestation for the rest of the house. You may have noticed tiny holes, fine powder at the base of the door or the grubs themselves. An infested door is probably beyond saving. Contact North Georgia Replacement Windows about a replacement, and consider a fiberglass or steel door so that the problem doesn’t reoccur.

Cosmetic Flaws

Scratches and dents in entry doors aren’t a serious issue, but they give a bad impression to visitors and neighbors. Noticeable cosmetic flaws are a sign the door is old or low quality, and it’s time for an upgrade.

New Style

Who said there has to be something wrong with a door before you replace it? Maybe your current door doesn’t match your home’s style, you’re remodeling, or you want to add value to your home. These are all entirely valid reasons for ordering a new door.

A replacement entry door can lift the entire appearance of home yet only takes around one day to install. If your door exhibits signs that it’s time for a replacement visit our showroom to view and touch over 50 doors on display. For more information contact North Georgia Replacement Windows for more details.