You have done your research, gotten quotes from different window companies, have your financials in order, and have finally decided on Infinity from Marvin fiberglass windows, but you're still not quite ready to take the plunge.

So, what's holding you back?

The hardest part is over - deciding which company to use for your new windows - and now that you have decided, you're still not sure if the timing is right to begin your replacement project or not.

Here are 5 reasons why 'now' is a good time to replace your windows:

1. Nature isn't going to hold off because your windows are failing.

If one of the reasons you want to replace your windows is due to them rotting, losing their energy efficiency, or bugs getting in, then there really isn't a better time to get new windows.

The issues you face with nature (sunlight exposure, wood rot, condensation/excessive moisture, bugs) will be there in a few months. In fact, delaying your project could result in more extensive damage to your home and greater expenses down the road. If those problems aren't 'holding off', then why not do something about it and eliminate them for good?

2. Higher Interest Rates = Staying Longer in Current Home

Now that interest rates are higher, less people are looking to sell or move and, instead, may be staying in their current homes for longer periods of time. Additionally, inflation, raw materials, and labor demands are all factors causing the pricing to go up. Why not replace your windows now and start enjoying energy savings, making your home not only more comfortable, but also more beautiful as well.

3. Can be installed all year long - no matter the season!

At North Georgia Replacement Windows, we have an expert team of certified installers trained to install windows in all seasons. Whether it's the peak of the summer heat or a cold winter day, our team uses materials and procedures that allow us to work year-round. And the good news is - you can enjoy energy savings no matter the season.

Whether your windows are installed during the summer or winter months, once they're in your home, your energy savings begin.

Project completed in the summer? Help keep the heat out and make your home cool all summer long.

Project completed in the winter? Get ready - while it's cold outside, your home will remain warm and cozy inside.

4. Competitive Lead Times

Our manufacturing and installation times are very competitive right now. That means there is less time between placing your order and having them installed, which means you can enjoy the many benefits of Infinity windows sooner rather than later! Plus, our Infinity from Marvin windows are manufactured here in the United States, without the headache of overseas shipping delays.

5. Special offers

Take advantage of this month's special offer! Along with the discount you receive, you also have a few payment plan options if you don't want to pay for the project all at once, including a zero percent interest plan.

This month's offer will help you get closer to having new beautiful, energy-efficient windows.

We hope that this has helped you continue moving forward with your project, and we are excited for you to reap the benefits of Infinity fiberglass windows.

Contact us to start your project today!