The entrance to a home should be as welcoming as the people on the inside of it. A door is more than just the centerpiece, it's the first thing people see when they walk up to your home. Show people who walk up to your house a true reflection of yourself and your family. Invite them into your home through a custom entrance. Below are five custom front doors that you should consider.

Insulated Fiberglass

Like fiberglass windows fiberglass doors are constructed to last and are customizable to your personal standards. Fiberglass doors will endure longer than wood or steel doors and while the aesthetic value of it will be front of mind, knowing in the back of your mind that you are increasing your home's energy efficiency, should be enough to make this your first choice when you begin your search.

Wrought Iron Doors

Some front doors define homes while some homes require a certain style that any other would ruin the architectural feel of it. If your home calls for a more classic style, we also offer custom wrought iron doors hand-forged in Mexico. These combine the timeless look of old world designs with the strength and sturdiness of iron, these doors represent distinction, beauty and security. While it would have the look of distinction, like all of our products it would also be maintenance free and the last door you'll ever needed to purchase.

MaxCraft - EcoStar or MaxGreen

MaxCraft has been creating premier entry doors since the 1990s. They are dedicated to manufacturing high quality and sustainable products. MaxCraft offers a line of innovative hybrid entry doors that are beautiful, environmentally responsible and versatile. They're two most popular lines are EcoStar and MaxGreen.

EcoStar and MaxGreen entry doors offer the perfect combination of natural aesthetic, durability, energy efficiency and security. These doors are a hybrid between real natural mahogany and fiberglass.

The natural mahogany veneer looks and feels real, with raised moulding on both sides. The glass is handcrafted, and with a polyurethane foam core the insulation is second to none. With a 21" lock block you can feel safe when you lock the door.

Flushed Glazed Doors by ThermaTru

Atlanta Doors

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Last, we'd like to recommend ThermaTru fiberglass doors which, like all fiberglass, will not rot out like traditional wood doors. The doors are also over six times more energy efficient and can be painted or stained. These doors offer a 16% increase in visible glass area compared to traditional lip-lite frames. They have the best-in-class warranty coverage for both builders and homeowners. The smooth, clean lines make this door look like a piece of art that opens and closes rather than a tool for getting into and out of your home.

A custom door for your Atlanta home will set your house apart from the rest of the neighborhood with a bold architectural statement. While most companies offer a limited selection of doors for sale, we have an unbeatable selection. With the amazing technology in our showroom we can show you exactly how your front door will look. Let us show you the rich variety of energy-efficient decorative doors for sale, and find the look that your home deserves.

North Georgia Replacement Windows replaces windows for life. We sell the best product available for the price point that you feel comfortable with. Whether you're replacing your doors or windows for aesthetics, energy efficiency or your current windows just aren't functional anymore, NG Windows has your solution.