New upgrades and additions to the ProVia door line

Every time you look at Facebook or Instagram, you see what's trending. You scroll through pictures of boots, restaurants, hairstyles, and pet accessories.

Did you ever think that your front door could end up on that list? Well, welcome to 2020 where front doors have just been added to"what's trending" on social media.

We are excited to share with you some new upgrades and additions to the ProVia door line!

Between the auto-adjusting door sill, three new glass options, and eleven new "trending" color options, your dream door style and project will be easy to find and achieve.

The Endura Z-AC Threshold: Making your home "smarter."

Endura Z-AC Threshold
Endura Z-AC Threshold

With smartphones like iPhones and Androids, Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, and smart TV remotes like the DISH Voice Remote with Google Assistant, it's about time our doors were added to the "smart" list.

Most of us like our space, but not when it starts to affect our home and our comfort. Have you ever noticed a gap between your door and the floor/sill? Do you see sunlight or feel wind coming through?

It doesn't have to be that way any longer!

This auto-adjusting riser and built-in sealing system redefines the typical sill. Z-AC's innovative design never needs adjusting and forms a tight seal every time. You won't need to fret about that small gap between the door and sill anymore because this Z-AC will automatically rise once the door is closed and seal the gap!

An improved sill is not the only item in ProVia's 2020 product releases - the glass options have been expanded to include three more designs to the ProVia decorative glass selection. These new glass options include Brookhaven, Mirage, and Manhattan.

The Brookhaven design has a hint of grey and craftsman-like elements, while both the Mirage and Manhattan designs have straight lines with a more modern look. Either way, these new additions are sure to please your style and complement your taste.

ProVia's 2020 product releases

Last but certainly not least are the 11 new trending colors for entry doors. There are some beautiful new colors that are aesthetically pleasing not only to you but to those who see your front door.

From Avocado to Blueberry to Cabernet, there is a color to complement your home's exterior color and texture. Avocado looks great against both dark and natural tones, Blueberry pairs well with a blend of browns, tans, and grays, and Cabernet complements a variety of color palettes and textures, including a brick exterior.

11 new trending colors for entry doors

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