In today’s climate of supporting a healthy environment, recycling is at the forefront for many people. The choice to reuse discarded items versus throwing them in the trash is an ongoing process for those who want to make a difference.

Old windows have a place on the recycling list and are included in the many items that can be reused. Windows may seem like an unusual item to repurpose, but there are some worthy projects for which they are useful. The following projects may spark other ideas of your own.

Potting Shed

Gardening has many benefits, from growing your own vegetables and spices to landscaping your yard with wildflowers or exotic plants. Having a dedicated place to put supplies, as well as a work area to prepare seeds, would be a good project for a gardening enthusiast.

This is where old windows come in handy with new life as a potting shed. Collect as many as you can find and follow a simple shed design to use them as walls and roofing. The windows allow plenty of fresh air inside while you work, along with an abundance of sunshine for new seedlings, and they can be closed during inclement weather while still providing light.

Picture Frame

For anyone who is interested in designing their own crafts, an old window makes a great picture frame. Attach a favorite picture or poster to the back of the glass, or paint your own artistic vision on the glass pane or panes. Secure the window frame to a wall at window height so when someone looks at the painting, it will seem as though they’re looking outside through a window.


Volunteers are always needed for community projects. Consider volunteering at your local Habitat for Humanity center, and donate your old windows, along with your time to turn them into something better. The windows may be recycled for a new home or to help repair homes that are in need.

Earn Money

Contact local recycling companies about scrapping the old windows for cash. Load them up and take them to the processing center. This is yet another way to put them to good use as a recycled item while earning a little cash.

There are many options for recycled windows, depending on the frame material. Frames may be broken down, melted, shredded and ground into tiny bits. Other materials may be used for new frames, window boxes and plastic garden furniture. The glass is removed and melted, then used to make glass products and new windows.

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