An attractive front door sets the standard for the appearance of the rest of the house. Visitors and guests may not notice if your windows are a little weathered or the siding is somewhat worn, but a shabby front door is a noticeable eyesore. Fortunately, installing a new front door is one of the simplest improvements you can make to a home.

Benefits of Replacing a Front Door

Replacing a front door increases security, saves energy and improves the look of a home. A worn, poorly fitting front door is a security risk for the entire home, as well as lowering the character of the house. Installing a new front door also means benefiting from the security of the most up-to-date door locks. What's more, modern front doors are more energy efficient than older doors and better at retaining the heat or cold air in the home.

A Splash of New Color

Installing a new front door is an opportunity to try out a new color to set the tone for the front of your home. A bold color like turquoise or gold orange is eye-catching, or you might prefer the classic formality of glossy black. The color of a front door should complement the overall color of the house exterior and the local climate and landscape. Strong sunset colors suit warm climates, while muted colors look great in mild or cool zones.

Glazed Doors

Some homeowners prefer the clean look of fully or half-glazed doors. The trim of certain models like Therma-Tru can be painted and stained like traditional wood, allowing a wide choice of colors, though earth tones and stained wood are popular with glass. Therma-Tru doors feature an increased visible glass area, and they are up to six times more energy efficient than traditional wood doors. Therma-Tru door offer strength, durability, and they are water resistant.

You can enter the Therma-Tru Doors Snap and Save promotion through October 31. Simply snap a picture of your new Therma-Tru door, ordered between September 1 and October 31, and you might receive a rebate up to $250.

Wood Doors

Wood doors have a traditional look and appealing, warm tones, but they require plenty of upkeep to maintain them. A better choice for a new front door is a fiberglass door molded to look like wood but that offers greater durability. MaxCraft fiberglass/veneer doors are versatile, and they're more environmentally friendly than doors made of wood.

MaxCraft mahogany-fiberglass hybrid entry doors combine the best of both worlds by providing all the best features you have always wanted in a high-end entry door - the optimal combination of natural beauty, lasting durability, high energy efficiency, security and environmental responsibility. EcoStar and MaxGreen doors feature natural mahogany veneers, handcrafted glass, polyurethane foam cores, 21-inch lock blocks and fiberglass backing. EcoStar doors save as much as 70% of forest resources and present mahogany veneers on both sides, while mahogany veneers are permanently bonded to the inside of MaxGreen doors.

Wrought Iron Doors

Combining insulated fiberglass with wrought iron provides a new front door that's both beautiful and strong. As well as requiring very little maintenance, wrought iron doors also offer the opportunity to order a custom-made style that fits in with the house architecture and possibly some family history.

Choosing a New Front Door

Appearance is only one consideration when replacing a front door. For the best results, order the door, frame, trim, weather-stripping and other entry system parts from the same manufacturer. Select fiberglass and composite doors and glazed doors with multiple panes for effective energy-efficiency.

Installing a new front door immediately improves the appearance of a home. Once the door has been ordered and is ready for installation, the project can take as little as half a day. A new door adds to the home's value by improving curbside appeal, increases household security and reduces energy costs. Contact North Georgia Replacement Windows for expert advice on replacing your front door.