If you've been thinking your old windows may not be cutting it for your Georgia home anymore, here's 5 signs it might be time for a replacement!


If your once warm and cozy home begins to feel cool and drafty, it may be time to replace faulty windows. Moisture makes wood windows warp over time, which creates gaps in the frame for cold air to come through. Worn and cracked window frames offer no protection against cold air seeping through. Although weather stripping offers a temporary solution, window replacement is the most effective option.

Difficult to Operate

Once windows become so old and worn that they are difficult to open and close, it's time to invest in replacements. In the case of double or single hung windows, you may have trouble keeping them up due to faulty mechanisms. In both cases, your windows have become a health and security hazard.


Condensation inside a double or triple pane glass window is an indicator of faulty seals. When window seals falter, moisture and cold air can seep through in between the glass panes, making the insulated glass of no effect. This problem most often creates an unsightly and obstruction to your view.


Cracked Glass

Cracks in the make your windows less efficient and dangerous to be around. Although glass patch-up is an option, the best and most secure option is to invest in new windows.

Rise in Energy Bills

If you've already made home improvements to lower energy costs and still suffer from high energy bills, it may be due to faulty windows. Inefficient windows leak cool air in summer and fail to block drafts in winter, increasing energy costs year round.

Replacement windows lower energy costs, enhance your security and increase the value of your home.

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